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No matter what project you plan to run on the Internet – this is a personal blog, shop or forum – any of them need hosting. While every person wants to save on lodging for your page. And here there are questions. Stable cheap hosting? If there are any hidden charges? The possibility of selection of a domain? Thus, it is possible to trust only reliable companies will help you navigate our web hosting directory.



This is one of the most famous hosting servers are located in Moscow. Offers different kinds of services – from the cheapest to the virtual dedicated servers. We should also mention his access to the control panel that represents an interesting tool that could be interested in meticulous webmaster. There is also a system of hyphenation resource with previous hosting with the click of a few buttons.


The prices are reasonable. You can manually configure the server settings – and in the end you pay for it as long as willing to spend. Move a few sliders, you can customize it to fit your budget. Proposes a ten day test.

It should be noted that with the technical side of the question sometimes there are problems: falling, accounts disabled, etc. Has a hotline where you can explain to the operator the problem.

Note that the resource CPU is better not to save – and that the sites will be periodically on and off through the load. Also offers various interesting lotions among which a good website Builder from Parallels, and applications for mobile devices, and much more.



Ahava is a well – known company that many have heard. Although the history of this provider is long and interesting, now it is a normal hoster with a bunch of problems. Sites may long lie, pages with a large number of scripts to slow down, and tech support responds to their customers is quite clumsy and often sends from one specialist to another. It’s free, so if you want you can talk with the operators as much as necessary.

Among the notable advantages of the designer for beginners DaaS, which allows you to easily edit the content of your site without having the slightest experience of web programming. While Agava holds the rating of hosting providers – apparently, at the expense of their old customers and various related projects – file sharing service, services promotion, etc.

Prices from this provider are not the smallest, but the range of tariffs is significant. Test it for free during the week. There is a special rate for fans of WordPress that offers a small price to place on Agava is a 1.5-Gigabyte blog.



St. Petersburg hosting, which is also quite long – it was created in the early 2000-ies. Today it is a popular Playground. The company offers the capacity to cover the needs of all projects, calculated on the average attendance. One more pleasant moment – a reasonable price, while the customer has a whole bunch of options available (SSH, SEO modules) and so on. Test it within 15 days.

A little old control panel, it would be nice to upgrade to modern realities. But here don’t forget to think about the users round the clock technical support, supports many payment methods so that your place in the ranking of the website hosting this resource is not wasted. I would like to have fewer problems with stability – it so happens that the sites are in a disabled state for a long time.



Finally completing our web hosting directory Beget. Very good host, has a beautiful and informative website. This company is a longtime partner of Intel, so her reputation is worth a lot. Beget offers its customers a stable service – shared hosting and renting servers. Websites are relatively stable – their condition is monitored round the clock by specialists. In addition, regular backups of data.

The control panel is a reliable instrument, there can be a few taps to create a subdomain, change the PHP version and install a choice of one of the two dozen available CMS.

Beget offers several different tariffs, the average cost low. Still this hosting is good technical support in Russia – even via ICQ, you can chat, but it is better to use the interactive assistant, implemented directly on the resource. It is the dealing with customers openly is one of the most visible its advantages.

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