A trip to Milan. Tips and advice

The capital of Lombardy is just wonderful. Yeah, I guess you can say that about any city in Italy. In Milan everyone will find something to their liking. And not necessarily a day to rush from one tourist attraction to another, jostling elbows with other such «wild» tourists.

You can wander through the museums, admire the masterpieces of Italian painting, you can go shopping at the «Golden quarter», you can drink a glass of wine or liquor in the town’s many cafés, you can make a brilliant selfie on one of the viewing platforms of the city, you can go to the football and the Opera.

Places To Visit In Milan

Of course, to begin the acquaintance with the city you need from the Duomo Cathedral. This masterpiece of world architecture was built nearly six hundred years. To have the respect of such legends as, for example, Leonardo da Vinci and Napoleon.

The Cathedral is famous not only for its view that some compare to a festively decorated cake, but also for its statues, stained glass Windows, spires in the form of biblical characters, angels, and gargoyles. Particularly striking one, in the form of four-meter high statue of the Madonna. The observation deck of the Cathedral is one of the best in the city. You can see the snowy peaks of the Alps.

After exploring the Duomo, go straight in the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and more precisely in the refectory of the monastery. After all, the desire to see the legendary painting «the last supper» every person on earth.

Tip: it is better to purchase tickets in advance, as wanting «to join the great» a lot.

A trip to Milan

After a wonderful usually want something tasty. Cafe Il Massimo Del Gelato and GROM chain of cafes established just for the sweet tooth. There are a huge selection of all kinds of desserts and of course ice cream. Remember that to visit Italy and not try the ice cream – just terribly inappropriate.

After ice cream or coffee with chocolate cake go shopping in the «Golden quarter». Even if cash is not much, visit multi-brand outlets. Prices on branded items will surprise any avid fashionistas.

Strolling among the shops, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy an almost religious thing – a snack from Luini. Snack – these are small pies with various fillings. They are so delicious that I want to eat them all day, so they do.

Sales and shopping in Milan

Shopping is a good thing, but the tourist is simply obliged to visit the museums of the Sforza Castle. Their here a huge amount. Definitely need to look at how the restoration of the frescoes of Leonardo da Vinci, which was found recently in 2013.

Enjoy the masterpieces and antiquities, go take a stroll in the Parco Sempione. It is a small city Park, with beautiful trees, fountains, grottoes and pavilions. Peace and quiet – what you need to tired tourist.

Art gallery Milan is one of the best in the world. Here are collected the masterpieces of world art and paintings by young artists. In the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, you can not only see the legendary painting of Caravaggio’s «fruit Basket», but also to visit one of Italy’s oldest libraries. Here are stored the originals of the diaries of da Vinci, an old edition of «Iliad», poem of Virgil.

In the evening program must be visiting the Grand and majestic «La Scala». By the way, if Colona tickets in advance, prices will pleasantly surprise you.

The La Scala theatre in Milan

Dinner is best in the tram №1 or in a vintage Atmosphere. So, the people of Milan love to eat, watching a magic game of lights of the evening city.

Milan is a beautiful city. It wants to return again and again. Believe me, it holds many secrets.

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