A rating split systems

Hot summer in any time of the day come to help only high-quality split systems. When choosing a conditioner, you need to pay attention not only to model but also on the characteristics of the room in which you plan to install a split-system.

You don’t know how to choose the most reliable, silent, efficient air conditioner? Then the rating of a split system is exactly what you need.

Daikin is the first place in the ranking of split systems

The Japanese company is recognized as the absolute favorite for the production of split systems. The length of service of home air conditioning over 100 thousand hours. Air conditioners of this brand has repeatedly been awarded for its environmental friendliness and attractive design.

2. Fujitsu General

Split system Fujitsu General installed at the building of the state Duma and even in the Berlin airport. The difference of this brand in high functionality. As for the top models of inverter air conditioner, its almost non-existent analogues.

3. Mitsubishi Heavy

The Japanese company started production of electronics in 1884. The modules of this brand even uses the international space station. Distinctive features of air-conditioners MHI is low power consumption, minimum noise and the almost complete absence of marriage.

4. Mitsubishi Electric

Each split system brand passes the test functionality. On the territory of the Russian Federation of such air appeared 15 years ago.

5. Toshiba

This split system is selected for the complex of the Capitoline museums in Rome, also have given her the preference and the Ostankino television station. The company had approximately 1,200 patents and is without regard to personal research center.

6. Panasonic

Split system Panasonic is very popular among Russian buyers. This is quite easily explained, because the main advantage of the brand affordable price high quality products. In recent models there is a sensor ECONAVI and nanoe system-G

7. Haier

Chinese company engaged in the production of not only conditioning, but also a large household appliances: freezers, refrigerators, wine cabinets and washing machine. In the product line, there are over 30 models of air conditioners.


Japan offers only high quality products. This manufacturer is focused on the application of modern ecologically safe cooling niskasaari liquids.


In addition to the production of air conditioners, the Gree company is engaged in the creation of an artificial climate. The products of this brand in Russia is not particularly in demand, but in Europe, this company is in a leading position.

10. Hyundai

The South Korean brand is not inferior to their counterparts in Japan. The probability of manufacturing defects minimum: 1000 split systems only one may be faulty. The Hyundai splits characteristic of virtually silent operation and a large number of functions (than the cooling, heating and even air purification).

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