A rating Russian radio stations

Radio accompanies us in everyday life: at work, at home, in the car we can listen to music and read news. A rating radio stations will allow you to learn which ones are the most favorite among Russian listeners.



In the broadcasting schedule of the radio station more than eight hundred cities of Russia. Annually held music festival «Disco 80», which regularly attracts many fans from across the country. For the first time «Avtoradio» appeared in Perm in 1990. A year later, when a wave of the creation of the first independent radio stations, the group of like-minded people had the idea to create radio for car owners. Took a year to obtain a certificate of registration «, Inforadio» this radio station got the status of the media broadcasting on the wave SV 1152 kHz.

Two years ago, the station celebrated its twentieth anniversary, the concert was attended by stars of Russian and foreign pop stars, athletes, politicians, actors. The festive marathon lasted ten hours.

Russkoe Radio

Russkoe radio

The second most popular radio station was the «Russian radio» — radio, which broadcasts Russian-language songs. Before we get into the rating of the Moscow radio stations has been a long journey, which started in August 1995. One of the most popular stations in the beginning I broadcast in a test mode. After a year in the air appeared first advertisement, each advertising block was accompanied by a humorous review of Nikolai Fomenko, then it was replaced by Vadim Galygin, who was replaced Dmiti Nagiyev. In the same year was founded the musical award «Golden gramophone» and since then it is held annually in the Kremlin in the Russian capital.

Retro FM


In the third place is radio Retro FM, which broadcast sound music compositions from the second half of the last century. The first broadcast took place in October 1995. Radio is aimed at people of age group from 35 to 49 years.

The station listen to every day about eight million people, and this is neither more nor less, and 12 percent of the total population of our country.

Europa Plus


This station works for audiences from 20 to 35 years. Broadcast coverage stretches more than two thousand settlements. Being broadcast not only on the territory of Russia, but also in countries near and far abroad. Many cities use the broadcast «Europe plus» for local news and advertising.

The radio station is a partner of the Russian concerts of such magnitude, like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, sting, Justin Timberlake and many others. Five years ago, «Europe plus» became a partner of the U2 concert, which was held in Moscow.

Radio Chanson


Rating online radio would be incomplete without a Russian radio audience which are the envy of its competitors. More than a million people only in Moscow every day turn on their receivers tuned to this wave, in Russia this figure is significantly more. According to statistics, the proportion of men is around 53%, women 47%.

The radio station sound thematic programs, dedicated to chanson, describes the performers of bard songs, urban romance, folk art. Radio is listened to not only in Russia but also in Europe, North Africa and the middle East.

Echo Of Moscow

Ekho Moskvi

The popularity of the radio found at the end of August ninety-first year, then, in those hard days, the station became one of those rare stations that oppose the putsch. Since then, nothing has changed. So far the critics agree on one thing: the «Echo» is a really independent media. In the words of editor-in-chief, A. Venediktov, «Echo of Moscow» — a platform on which to discuss, analyze and Express opinions.

Radio station — closed joint-stock company, the majority of shares are owned by Gazprom-Media Holding, the rest is distributed between the team radio. Regularly regularly receives a profit paid to shareholders in the form of dividends.



The most popular station in France and loved in Russia. Broadcasting on the territory of our country began nine years ago, after purchasing a license for the right to use the trademark NRG for «Radio Energy». The radio station sounds youth composition.

Humor FM

humor FM

In the ranking of radio stations hit radio, which became the basis of humor. «Humor FM» started its work ten years ago, replacing lost popularity «Radio Disco». The radio program consists of light pop music, jokes and anecdotes. In order for the air sounded exceptionally fresh jokes, established partnerships with «Anecdote.ru» channel TNT and a number of other Internet resources and, of course, by the listeners who send their jokes via SMS, and in the course of a telephone communication.

Road Radio

road radio

Completes the rating of the radio station «DOROZHNOE radio», which sounds more than six hundred cities of Russia, along the entire length of roads main roads total length of which exceeds one million kilometers.

The idea to create a similar radio was born twelve years ago, and the first broadcast took place in Saint-Petersburg and Kirishi. In live sound chanson, romantic ballads, hits of the end of this century. Also here you can find news, get the latest weather, information about the situation on the roads.

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