A rating of wireless headphones

The development of modern technology allows you to refuse wires when using different devices. And headphones much easier without wires, which is always inherent in an incredible way to get lost in the nodes. To choose wireless headphones should be chosen very carefully, because there are such devices expensive. And not to be mistaken with a choice, we present the ranking of wireless headphones, which included 10 models with the best accessories.

1 Phiaton Chord MS530

Wireless headphones Phiaton Chord MS530

First place in the ranking allotted to that wireless headphones are unique in many ways, the device, which is able to operate without recharging for up to thirty hours. Headphones are the original design, built-in microphone, decent noise cancelling and great sound. Included is a remote control with wire. The main feature of these accessories is the ability to connect to two sound sources – if necessary, switch from one source to another.

This accessory can safely be called universal mobile headset, which can be used in almost any situation (listening to music, talking with friends, playing on the console), except that sports. The design of the device is quite robust, easy and convenient. For the transport mechanism of the folding – pressing dynamics develop inside. Users can purchase this model for approximately 13500 roubles.

Parrot Zik 2

Wireless headphones Parrot Zik

These headphones are luxury apartments, which are quite unusual in appearance. Design has a leather covered metal inserts framed by matte plastic. In this segment, these wireless headphones are the best sounding. They are equipped with active noise cancellation and touch control panel, which is located in the right earpiece. With the help of a program AudoiSuite the user can change the factory default accessory. To use this model as a wireless headset has 2 microphones. When the device is in full mode, it is running in offline mode is about 6 hours. They can be purchased for 15,000 rubles.

3 Wirelless Monster Beats byDr.Dre

Wireless headphones Monster Beats byDr Wirelless.Dre

Third place in the ranking of the wireless headphone allocated this cool accessory which was designed by the manufacturer together with the musician of St. Dre. Designed headphones for use in studios, so delighted with them will be DJs, musicians and lovers of music. The sound quality of these headphones is just on top. Noise reduction is forced (so it’s important to have your charger) and allows you to enjoy listening to music or watching movie even in noisy places. Attracted to this model, not only the quality of sound and good noise reduction, but also the appearance. Monster BeatsWirelless you can use to connect to any device (can be used together with wires and without) and use as a headset for Apple devices. The approximate cost of 12,000 rubles.

4 Harman/Kardon BT

Wireless headphones are the Harman/Kardon BT

In appearance these headphones is quite reminiscent of the Studio version because of the large rectangular ear cushions that completely cover the ears. However, it’s just a portable headset that enables you to enjoy the music and chat with friends through a built-in microphone. The sound quality of these headphones is great, there is active noise cancellation. Headphones feature a spectacular design – headband is made of metal, the ear cups are coated with natural leather. For easy transportation they can stack cups while disconnected. On one of the earphones controls can be located. Continuously operate without recharging accessory can up to 12 hours. To save battery power, you can use the cable to connect the headphones to the audio source. This model is about 10,000 rubles.

5 Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

Wireless headphones Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

In the middle of the ranking of the wireless headphone is a model that is considered best for gamers. With its expressive sounds, each user can during the games to feel like in reality. These headphones are compatible with game consoles XBox and PS. For listening to music or watching movies, you can remove the microphone, which is required, for example, in an online game to negotiate with allies. These headphones are quite comfortable, light and have a gorgeous sound. The buyer for such a model will have to pay about 8,500 rubles.

6 Sennheiser RS 160

Wireless headphones Sennheiser RS 160

This model is for those who love to watch movies. If the apartment is noisy, kids are too loud during the games, that these headphones are suitable for watching a favorite movie. They provide quality sound and extended bass. To one audio source can connect multiple accessories. The design feature of Sennheiser RS 160 is the presence of neodymium magnets. The liner on the right there are control keys that are a little awkward to control, but it is only in the first time of use. In General, these are excellent wireless headphones for moviegoers worth its price of 5,500 rubles.

7 Sennheiser mm100

Wireless headphones Sennheiser mm100

The seventh place ranking is the best sport earphones. You can use them during a workout in the gym or on your morning jog. During classes, the small receiver does not prevent, and the headphone design is so ergonomic that do not cause discomfort even after prolonged use. These headphones perfectly convey stereo sound, no pressure on the ears, does not fall off when running and can be used as a headset. During the use of this model, which reproduces good sound, you can hear everything that happens on the street (honking, the voices of passers-by, etc.). To answer an incoming call only need to touch the headset and you can talk. However, too noisy places, the device should not be used, as they are likely not to hear what the interlocutor says. To purchase this model is around 4000 rubles.

8 Sony MDR-RF865RK

Wireless headphones Sony MDR-RF865RK

These headphones were included in the rating as the best on the sound among those who belong to the middle price category. They have their own channel for data transmission, which ensures high quality data transmission. This model is comfortable, is light and has excellent build quality. Provide high-quality sound, but have some problems with noise reduction, which, however, can be solved by the specific configuration of the accessory. In offline mode headphones are able to work at least 14 hours. Cost – 4500 roubles.

9 Logitech Wirelless Headset H600

Wireless headphones Logitech Wirelless Headset H600

This model is very convenient for communication. They are great for talking on Skype and for those workers whose activity is connected with constant communication. Of course, using this model it is possible to listen to music, but avid music lovers need headphones with a clean sound. Headphone design are made in such a way that they are perfectly «sit» on the head, the lungs, do not put pressure and does not heat the ears. They can adjust the volume and mute the microphone. In General, for the average user of this accessory is enough. For the good quality of this model, the buyer will have to pay 3200 rubles.

10 Philips SHC2000

Wireless headphones Philips SHC2000

Completing our rating of the most inexpensive but pretty good quality headphones PhilipsSHC2000. They have a small range (from IR receiver), but for those who love to watch TV, it would be enough. From one database you can use a couple of headphones that have volume can be adjusted. Buy this wireless accessory for the price of 1300 rubles.

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