A rating of treadmills for home

A treadmill is a wonderful machine that can be used at home. With it you can do a lot of good for your body. For example, the proper use of a treadmill can significantly improve endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system. And if you are wondering about which model to purchase, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating treadmills for home that are bestsellers, and so are very popular among fans of active pastime.

1 Carbon T754 HRC

Treadmill HRC Carbon T754

The leader of the rating of treadmills for home have Carbon T754HRC created for users that apply to the process of training high requirements. This simulator is different reinforced frame, powerful engine, a wide range of speeds («sprints» to 16 km/h) and a large cross-country cloth. This model can deal with users weighing more than 140 kg. the Simulator creates the perfect conditions for a comfortable workout at the expense of great cushioning platform, which also allows to get rid of the difficulties of jumping at high speeds. Indicators training see contrast on the multifunction display. In total, the simulator provides 15 programs, but you can choose manual mode. Due to the many existing features much easier to use the equipment, which costs about 50,000 rubles.

2 CarFitness Emerald TS-951C + POLAR

Treadmill CarFitness Emerald TS-951C + POLAR

Second place in the ranking this powerful treadmill that features 30 programs for a comfortable sport. The simulator has the function of automatic adjustment of level of inclination of twenty degrees. Also has sensors which detect the parameters of speed, time, pulse, calories burned and reflect the scale fat burning. Features include 24 programs. The stability of this treadmill provides a special cushioning technology. In addition to running the simulator allows you to listen to music at the expense of additional USB outputs and a connector for the IPod. The track is designed for users weighing up to 140 kg can Buy it for about 47500 rubles.

3 Carbon t604

Treadmill Carbon t604

On the third place of the rating of treadmills for home is Carbon t604, which is designed for users weighing up to 130 kg. Different simulator reliable motor (2 HP) and reinforced frame. The maximum speed that the simulator is capable of, equal to 14 km/h. The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the suspension system. Treadmill has 12 programs and a manual mode. The rail tracks are equipped with heart rate sensors. It’s easy to fold and unfold the simulator thanks to the special hydraulic system EasyDrop. Is this simulator about 38800 rubles.

4 Carbon t504

Treadmill Carbon t504

On the fourth place in the rating of treadmills for home, you can put Carbon t504, which optimally combines the cost and quite advanced features. The track is designed for users weighing up to 120 kg. Has a reliable engine, adjustable angle and comfortable running belt. All the indicators you can see on the blue screen. The treadmill has 12 programs and a manual mode. Handrails simulator equipped with heart rate sensors. This treadmill easy to fold, unfold and transport. Cost approximately 32,000 rubles.

5 Carbon T404

Treadmill Carbon T404

This is quite a good treadmill for use at home. The maximum speed that it can reach is 10 km/h. The functionality of the simulator includes all the Essentials you need for a beginner athlete – 12 programs, a standard set of features, excellent display, good shock absorption system 8 flat elastomers. The simulator is designed for users weighing up to 110 kg. the apartment takes up very little space and can be folded for transport. You can buy it for 16500 roubles.

6 Oxygen LagunaII

Treadmill Oxygen LagunaII

On the sixth place in the popularity rating of treadmills for the home located this model, which is a stylish and modern trainer designed for a maximum weight up to 130 kg and Can reach speeds of up to 12 km/hour. Has 19 built-in programs for a comfortable sport. This treadmill is equipped with a powerful motor 2 HP, all the data is displayed on large LCD display. Has a lot of functionality in the form of various programs, and the process of training becomes more fun built-in speakers and multimedia outputs. The average cost of a track is 26,000 rubles.

7 CarFitness Sigma TS-540B

Treadmill CarFitness Sigma TS-540B

This is a great treadmill to use at home. The display of the simulator displays important workout metrics (time, speed, how many passed, how many calories you’ve burned). On the arms there are sensors to monitor heart rate. The simulator is designed for a maximum weight of 120 kg. Has several programs (only 8), but this is enough for beginners. To buy this simulator it is possible for 24800 roubles.

8 Carbon Yukon

Treadmill Carbon Yukon

It is compact simulator, which is suitable for consumers on a tight budget. Designed for users whose weight exceeds 90 kg, the display shows information about the basic parameters of training. The maximum speed that develops treadmill is 10 km/h. This model does not measure the heart rate of the user and a little noise at a set rate. However, for its price (12,000 rubles) is quite a decent treadmill to use at home.

9 Oxygen Venta TFT

Treadmill Oxygen Venta TFT

This treadmill is able to fully satisfy the wishes of many users due to the large number of programs (there are 31) and the different options available. The maximum speed at which it is capable, is at 16 km/h. Designed for users weighing up to 148 kg, LCD display which is full color, features touch control. The slope of the exerciser is adjustable. The belt is made so that it is comfortable at all speeds. The track is easy to fold, unfold and transport. It can be purchased for 45800 rubles.

10 AeroFit MaxFit12

Treadmill AeroFit MaxFit12

Completes the rating of treadmills for home this is a model that combines quality, style and convenience. The simulator fully meets modern safety standards, enabling you to comfortably play sports. It is designed for users weighing more than 125 kg Maximum developing speed is 16 km/h. This treadmill has 8 programs of training. The metrics shown on the display. The cost of this model – 38700 rubles.

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