A rating of the best strollers canes

Any mom knows what a lifesaver it can be buggy. It is easy to get the child in the right place to download the full shopping or overcome with a cargo of several kilometers on a bad road. Especially versatile is a sophisticated stroller. Our ranking of the best wheelchairs canes will not go wrong with the best option.

Happy Baby

The rating of best strollers TrostinStroller Happy Baby

The well-known manufacturer offers several interesting patterns that are worthy to lead the ranking of the buggies.

Maria Plus — lightweight (4.8 kg), noiseless and durable stroller. If necessary, the visor thrown back. Mnogofakturnye blended material composed of natural and artificial fibres, creates a very durable fabric stroller, resistant to wear and do not crumple. Five point harness will provide the most reliable protection.

Cindy is a bright, medium-light (less than 7 kg) and maneuverable stroller, in which the producers took care of the back of the baby and protection from rain and bad weather. In the first case, the kit includes an ergonomic backrest and cushion under the head, and the second — raincoat and a slouchy hood at the top. Wheels can easily overcome steps, curbs and the dirt road.

Baby Care

Stroller Baby CareStroller Baby Care

Their model Vento — cheap and reliable. Even buying it second hand, you can be sure that it will serve faithfully for a very long time. For carrying folded stroller, there is a special strap. Of additional devices that make life easier — net for shopping wheels with improved maneuverability.


Stroller JetemStroller Jetem

London — comfortable maneuvering the six-wheeled model. The rear rack is made at such an angle that it is easy to push for tall people (170cm).

The back unfolds up to 180 degrees, which greatly facilitates the sleep of the baby. Large hood made of waterproof material protects child from rain, a pity that there are no holes for ventilation.

Holiday is a stroller for the little ones, will provide the child a good sleep. Large hood, completely covers the stroller and horizontal backrest make the stay very comfortable. The stroller is heavy (about 8 kg), but stand (will not collapse, even if on the one hand be bags).


Stroller CapellaStroller Capella

The firm is known for its supererogative model S-321. It is able to overcome all obstacles (primer, stairs, roads), and when assembling a single click, all its 8 wheels are below.

Of optional accessories — Cup holder, Cape to his feet. Stroller weighs 8 kg, but it is depreciation and it can take 18 kg. to Wash the upholstery in the machine together with arcs. And comfortable high handle is suitable for people of medium height and high.



Italian firm that cares about the health and comfort of children is a Multiway model. The stroller looks expensive, stylish and simple designed for urban trips. She has a large frame and a wide seat your child will be comfortable and convenient. But with the increased off-road wheels handle worse. The price is a little higher than in other presented models.


Stroller HauckStroller Hauck

Another European model that is famous for its high quality materials. German stroller Torro will protect and take the baby in right place and in the summer and in the offseason. For the latest occasions there is the warm and spacious case on their feet. All removable parts are erased.

Stroller two tone, 6 options give you the opportunity to find among them your favorite. Crossbar before the child is removable, which is very convenient. But no raincoat.

Inglesina Trip

Stroller Inglesina TripStroller Inglesina Trip

The stroller is lightweight (about 7 kg), but designed for travel. Large rubber wheels ensure high maneuverability and while they are completely silent. Depreciation dampens any vibration.

The hood is lowered completely covers the child, and the viewing window provides good ventilation.


Stroller Peg-PeregoStroller Peg-Perego

Pliko Mini lightweight cane (5.7 kg), folds with one hand and without problems enters the Elevator. In the trunk or train — it can be taken in any journey. A wheelchair is a tough footrest and 3 position backrest.

Drawback — small and small basket underneath. Plastic wheels rattling on the uneven pavement.

In the model, Si is spring-loaded depreciation. Single wheels with ball bearings ideal for long walks. But the price — above average.


Stroller sosattoStroller sosatto

English manufacturer model Swift Lite Supa took care of everything: except the Cup holder and rain cover, there is even a pocket for your tablet and speaker for player. Foot cover, decorated in designer style, provides a special sleeve for the hands. Pictures on the fabric, repelling UV rays, just make it clear to others sex of the child.

Weighs a bit — to 6.5 kg.


Stroller MaclarenStroller Maclaren

Techno XLR pushchair is the most expensive of all ranking, and all the accessories (except for the rain cover and ISOFIX for the baby seat) must be purchased separately.

But the stroller is worth it: it can easily handle a 4 year old child, and its maximum load of 29 kg Is a medium variant between the stroller and stick, it is maneuverable and has shock absorbers.

Easy to fold with one hand weighing in at 7.5 kg.

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