A rating of the best Russian cities for travelers

A rating of the best Russian cities for travelers headed Krasnodar. Many believe this place should belong to Moscow, but it was at 48 positions, Saint-Petersburg – on the 19th. These data provided the XII-th all-Russian forum. Was tallied based on many factors: transportation, housing, crime, purchasing power and the level of expenses on payment of utilities.So, I would like to detail the top ten cities.

10. Rostov-on-don


This is one of the most developed regions of Russia. The city is located on the right side of the don river, near the confluence of the sea of Azov.

9. Ufa


In the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which crouched on the banks of the river, home to over 1 million. to the title of the capital was earned, the city needs more than a year in development. All the efforts were not in vain. Currently Ufa boasts a modernized airport of the international level.

8. Magnitogorsk


Despite the fact that Magnitogorsk is a relatively young city, it is the main domestic centre of ferrous metallurgy and the largest city of regional subordination. Among the locals you can hear another name of the city Magnitogorsk.

7. Voronezh


In 2012, the population exceeded 1 million people. Today on the territory of the city there are 36 Universities and 53 special schools where they receive education about 127 thousand students. Voronezh is a city-millionaire where the industry is well developed.

6. Belgorod


The city is located in the South of Central Russian upland, which is about halfway between Moscow and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Still unknown the exact date of Foundation of Belgorod, nestled in the picturesque hills.

5. Murmansk


The fifth place ranking of the best cities of Russia for the residence belongs to Murmansk. The city is located in the North-Western part of Russia, to be more precise on the Kola Peninsula. Industrial area bordering the Kola Bay of the Barents sea. The fishing port is considered the main enterprise, where in addition to fishing and fish processing are more ship repair and marine transportation.

4. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


The city is located on the island of Sakhalin, the local people gave it its name – southern. There are many shopping malls, eating places and business centers for people with different tastes and incomes.

3. Ekaterinburg


The city is located almost on the border of Europe and Asia. Fully Ekaterinburg is in the Ural mountains.

2. Surgut


Surgut is considered the first city in Western Siberia. The city was founded on the place of residence of the tribes of Khanty and Mansi. Geographical location of the city, glorifying it all over the country a large amount of mushrooms, hazelnuts and berries. In Surgut on the river Ob, and it is an incredibly large pasture with fish.

1. Krasnodar

KrasnodarKrasnodar tops the rating of the best Russian cities for travelers

The city is located on the banks of the Kuban river to the Black sea and Azov sea a distance of only 150 km. Today Krasnodar – the capital of Kuban, a large administrative center of the South of Russia, and the so-called «gate of the Caucasus».

A rating of the best Russian cities to stay prepared annually and in most cases, the situation has not changed.

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