A rating of the best prams 2 in 1

Ranking of children’s prams 2 in 1 will introduce you to the most versatile and convenient means of transportation for kids. They consist of seat unit and carrycot. Such carriages can be used for several years and they are even suitable for newborns. So our list could be called a rating strollers for newborns 2 in 1.

BeBe-Mobile Toscana

Rating of the best pushchairs 2 in 1Stroller BeBe-Mobile Toscana

Quality vehicle, maneuverable and easy. Best strollers 2 in 1 true assigns the first place because almost every Russian store and you can find this model (as well as service and spare parts in case of breakage).

A big plus of this stroller is its accessories: rain cover, mosquito net, shutters and openings for ventilation.

Adjustable handle allows to be used any person growth.

Verdi Classic Faster

Stroller Verdi Classic FasterStroller Verdi Classic Faster

Easy classic stroller (12 kg), which is easy handle herself petite mom. It is quite spacious cradle 80 cm in length and 37 in width. The case is made of plastic membrane on top of the air flows constantly and there is no greenhouse effect.

Handrails easily adjusted in height. Wheels can be removed and the stroller folded in the trunk of even small cars.

Peg-Perego GT3 Modular System

Stroller peg-Perego GT3 modular systemStroller Peg-Perego GT3 Modular System

Compact and lightweight pushchair, with a three-level absorber. She wheeled, with the chassis of durable aluminium. Front wheel in addition to rotation around its axis, can be locked in several positions.

The backrest is adjustable to 4 positions. There are mesh Windows for better ventilation.

Emmaljunga Edge Duo Comb

The Stroller Emmaljunga Edge Duo CombThe Stroller Emmaljunga Edge Duo Comb

Very good winter stroller. The bottom of the cradle is made of cork material, which is beneficial for the child’s spine and maintaining the heat. Wheel camera, then cross-country to move around easily. Is depreciation.

Bebecar Stylo Class

Stroller Bebecar Stylo ClassStroller Bebecar Stylo Class

Portuguese beauty is the ideal of controllability, maneuverability, comfort. Material of the stroller — eco-leather with special impregnation against stains. Solid rubber on the large wheels are able to taxi up and walk the stairs.

Very soft springs. Weighs 17 kg.

Tako Jumper

Stroller Tako JumperStroller Tako Jumper

Pushchair, inexpensive and functional. In the cradle of high-side and orgalitovoj the bottom, and the material is cotton. There are portable hard grip and rounded skids, so it can be used as a cradle.

Wheel maneuverable and inflatable. But the stroller is heavy, carrying the bassinet is not provided.

The FD Design Cobra

Stroller FD Design CobraStroller FD Design Cobra

Quite expensive stroller, but it pays years of operation without breakdowns. Large wheels with a special coating that prevents abrasion.

The stroller itself is lightweight (11.3 kg), but is stable and maneuverable. There is a roomy shopping basket.

But all accessories have to be bought separately, and the attenuation is completely absent.

8 ROAN Marita

Pram ROAN MaritaPram ROAN Marita

Very warm, very windproof and a stroller. The carrycot and seat unit have their own covers for baby feet. Inside for upholstery jacquard is used.

Of the shortcomings — no rain cover or mosquito net. The foot brake is very sensitive to dust and sand.

Tutis Zippy New

Stroller Tutis Zippy NewStroller Tutis Zippy New

Stroller futuristic design that will attract on the street a lot of views. This all-season vehicle midrange.

Stroller weighs only 11 kg, and its handle can be adjusted in 6 different positions. The hood falls very low, and closes the child from side gusts of snow and rain.

Negative — the distance between the front and rear axles does not give a well-to overcome borders.

Adamex Barletta

Stroller Adamex BarlettaStroller Adamex Barletta

Closes our rating strollers 2 in 1 narrow and maneuverable vehicle that can fit into any lift. But to use a wheelchair in the building would be problematic as it is fairly heavy.

Solid chassis, good landing gear mechanism make it easy to overcome curbs. In the cradle there are several provisions tilt, as well as shutters and gloves.

Disadvantages — plastic housing makes it impossible to ventilate the stroller. Hence the greenhouse effect. Winter thin quilted wall miss the cold, but the small size bassinet allows you to put in a warm blanket.

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