A rating of the best horror movies

There are paintings, during which the blood run cold and want to close my eyes. These movies are classics and are reviewed from year to year for the horror lovers. By better understanding those plots which in the opinion of the audience was the worst. For the brave we offer a rating of the best horror movies.

10. Lights


The plot is: a young writer takes a job as a caretaker in a remote hotel. He plans to live there with his wife and two daughters. Taking him work, the owner warns the writer that the previous caretaker, after 5 months of detention, killed his wife and children. The hero of the picture not paying attention to it, and then the film starts to develop a terrible event.

9. Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby

A young woman with her husband moved to a new place of residence, where he met with strange neighbors. A little later rosemary to dream, during which she finds herself pregnant from a terrible demonic creatures. A dream turns into reality. Rosemary decides that her neighbors and husband at the same time and use it for nurturing the monster.

8. The wicker man

Pletena man

The story of Sergeant Gobi, which comes to the island to investigate the crime of the missing girls. During interrogation it turns out that the locals hide from the police with important information. Knowing that the girl is actually dead, the Sergeant finds her grave and finds in it the rabbit.

7. The Bride Of Frankenstein

Called Frankenstein

In the beginning of the film, the audience will talk summaries «Frankenstein». All presented in the form of a discussion of three people, including the author of the novel. Her husband and friend trying to persuade the Creator of history to punish the main character. This is the continuation of a terrible history.

6. Psycho


A young woman steals from his boss a large sum of money and goes on the run with her lover. Along the way she decides to relax at one of the hotels. Its owner is a man with a split personality. One of the parties decides to kill the new lodger.

5. Stranger


The film rightfully takes its place in the ranking of the best horror movies. The plot is interesting and exciting. A group of astronauts lands on a planet where everywhere is a huge cocoons. While they do not suspect that they are creepy creatures, killing all life.

4. Night of the living dead

Night of the living dead

Brother and sister visit a cemetery, far away from the city where they are attacked by unknown creatures. Seeking refuge, they find the house, where hiding a few people. Formed a small group begins to find out what was the cause of dead.

3. The Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas chainsaw massacre

Included in the ranking of the best films of horror as the bloody picture. The plot-the story of the company that is concerned about cases of desecration of graves, goes to visit the burial place of his grandfather. Near the cemetery, they encounter scary farm, one of its inhabitants perfectly controls the chainsaw.

2. Halloween


The first offence the main character did in childhood – killing his sister on the eve of the holiday. 15 years later maniac continues his rampage, holding at Bay the entire city.

1. Jaw

SelepeHeads a rating of the best horror movies

This picture can be called a classic among horror movies. The events unfolding on the island of Amity, where people are dying from attack of a large shark. Experienced fisherman and war veteran is sent with a small expedition to hunt for fish-eater. The audience is invited to see this event succeed.

The best, according to fans of horror, there are those movies that watching several times, still shudder with fear.

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