A rating of studded winter tires

Good tires is the key to safety on snowy and icy road. They give the possibility of smooth speed and maneuverability of the vehicle. Thanks to studded winter tires, drivers will be able to choose for themselves the most suitable of all the offered diversity .

10th place – «Yokohama Ice Guard IG35»

These tyres thanks to the special rubber compound are not deformed, the thorns they hold on tight, it’s good to drive even in icy roads. Snow tires given poluradialny grooves, and themselves advanced bus is equipped with 3G blades.

9th place – «Pirelli Ice Zero»

In these Italian tire load spikes is optimized due to their wide base, and the tongue is less flexible due to the multidirectional design.

8 place – «Dunlop Ice Touch»

On these tyres is a different pattern and drainage grooves. Despite the apparent chaotic variation of spikes, contact with the road, these tyres is quite high.

7th place – «Bridgestone Blizzak Spike 01»

This place in the rating of studded winter tires took the novelty, which replaced the series «Ice Cruiser». She has a new cross-shaped spikes for maximum grip icy roads, which ensures a shorter braking distance (9% difference) in comparison with the predecessors.

6th place – «Nokian Nordman 4»

A mild stroke, which provides located under each spike elastic cushion, driving stability, low noise level, due to steel belt and a wide tread, gave the opportunity of tyres Nokian Nordman 4 to lead second top five in our ranking.

5 place – «Gislaved NordFrost 100»

5 stars out of studded winter tires are the tires with reduced mass «Gislaved NordFrost 100». To ensure the accuracy of the driving and traction are the spikes, the geometry of the head which has undergone optimization and the tread pattern divided into blocks with multi-directional angles of each edge.

4th place – «Nokian Nordman 5»

This place again of the bus of the company «Nokian Nordman», but model 5 with technology «bear claw», which proved its effectiveness in the tyre Hakkapeliitta series. Drawing from the United checkers printed at the Central area of the tread, designed to provide more accurate steering.

3rd place – «Michelin X-ICE North XIN»

This place was given to new developments concern, the tires of which are permanent members of the rankings and take the highest places. The third position is occupied by the bus concern «Michelin» modification XIN3 for the best fixing of spikes on them and reduce braking distance by 10%.

2nd place – «Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Arctic»

Thanks to the innovative shape of the spikes and especially their location, which improves traction and increase the contact patch, and a new pattern that ensures good handling on roads covered with snow, the tyre took second place in the ranking.

1st place – «Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8»

The leader of the rating of studded winter tires took again the Nokian» modification «Hakkapeliitta 8», scoring 949 points out of 1000. This is justified by the excellent grip that provides a wide flow spikes due to the increased number of pieces on the tread of the tires.

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