A rating of sanatoria of Zheleznovodsk

Zheleznovodsk wonder is the resort of Federal significance. Of all the cities of the Caucasian mineral waters, he quickly built and rapidly evolving. So it resorts in the ranking of resorts Zheleznovodsk so attractive to tourists.

The second difference is the industrial enterprises, highways, and residential areas are located outside of the resort, making Sochi a clean city. And the climate is similar to Alpine mountain, with an excess of oxygen and a volatile forest.

Mashuk Aqua-Therm

A rating of sanatoria of ZheleznovodskSanatorium Mashuk Aqua-Therm

Year-round health resort is famous for its innovative techniques of healing. In addition to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (the main direction of the sanatoria of Zheleznovodsk) here successfully help to cope with urological and gynecological problems. Degree accreditation hospital — the highest, making it one of the best in the city.

It’s a big area — 12,5 Ha (only 200 tourists). It is located on spring lake, a Park, a SPA (with a variety of baths), a sports complex and swimming pools (indoor and outdoor).

The room Fund consists of 11 categories, ranging from Chalet to standard cottages.

Dubovyi Hai

Sanatorium Dubovyi HaiSanatorium Dubovyi Hai

A departmental sanatorium. of the President of Russia the highest accreditation category, available to everyone. Hospital lost in a forest and all visitors will find well maintained walking paths on the mountains.

The territory of the health resort is 17 hectares.In the «Oak grove» is my lake with landscaped beach and boat mooring. Treatment water is delivered from Smirnoff and Levanovskogo sources.

In a separate children’s ward(from 5 to 16 years) there is a school, when they are not at risk to miss the program.

Plaza 3*

The Plaza Spa HotelThe Plaza Spa Hotel

Effective treatment and excellent service is the motto of this modern resort. Food type buffet, often held days of national cuisines. Here in addition to the standard suites have even a presidential Suite.

The Plaza is located in the centre of Zheleznovodsk, and that means all the memorable places in walking distance. Has its own pump room with mineral water. For fans of the sport — equipment rental.

Among SPA treatments, a large Spa centre with variety of baths.

Mountain air

SanatoriumSanatorium » Mountain air

Health resort for over a hundred years takes a rest. This is a sanatorium of higher category, and the tour has already included all the procedures, approved by the Ministry of health for the treatment of a particular disease.

Medical building is located near the main drinking gallery and the path, which is very convenient for walking. Own 3 path, well maintained and with different inclination angles will give the joy of Hiking.

All the buildings constitute a single ensemble, connected by warm transitions.

On the territory of 9 hectares (200 campers), what is there: modern fitness equipment, fountains, indoor Conservatory, a pool area of 200 m2. New medical-diagnostic building, opened in 2006, it accepts not only adults but also children from 4 years.

Princess Mary

Sanatorium Princess MarySanatorium Princess Mary

This Spa hotel for a luxury stay is located in a private guest house. The main direction — beauty treatments (plus a lot of types of massage) and body treatments. Specialists provides diagnosis of the organism, and the treatment programme includes medicated bath and dirt.

Next to the Princess two sources slavyanovsky and Lermontov. Rooms — apartments and suites.

Imeni Kirova

The sanatorium named after KirovThe sanatorium named after Kirov

This is a small resort (up to 114 people) in one housing. However, it is the leading health resort in the South of Russia in the field of treatment of urology. A small number of campers allows you to avoid queues and crowds in the dining room and treatment rooms. The treatment program provides for the extensive use of baths (including radon).

With advanced and unique methods the clinic uses laser irradiation of blood and pulse magnetic field.

Pool resort guests attend in the next «Beshtau», and the radon takes the bus.

Beshtau 4*

The Beshtau SanatoriumThe Beshtau Sanatorium

Named after the eponymous mountain, which gave the name Pyatigorsk. It was the sanatorium of the trade Union of nuclear power. On the area of 3.5 hectares is a variety of buildings: sports and entertainment centre, a dining room and dormitories.

Works in a hospital endocrinology center, where you can set the insulin pump and continue to live without worrying about insulin injections.

The highlight of the resort has a large 25-metre pool. For children summer is a special fitness program.

Beech grove

Sanatorium Beech GroveSanatorium Beech Grove

Modern resort, with a capacity for 60 people, located in a 5-storey building. The area adjoins a forest at the foot of the Beshtau and Iron mountain, so the balconies of the South side offers wonderful views.

Despite the small number of tourists, medical-diagnostic base is very good. There is a swimming pool with gidroapparat and SPA Department.

30 years of Victory

SanatoriumSanatorium » 30 let Pobedy

It can accommodate up to 392 people. Here are 2 common diagnostic centre for urological and cardiovascular areas.

Two buildings connected with a medical bridge crossings. The resort is surrounded on three sides by forests, and in the North there is the lake. In therapeutic cloning uses even grass and pine needles, not only mud and mineral water.


Health Resort LesnoeHealth Resort Lesnoe

Known greaterunion. Located in the village of Inozemtsevo, and in Zheleznovodsk guests of the resort carry.

Forest family orientated — only 113 people can be here. At the hospital, much attention is paid to children: nursery for toddlers from 2 years of age, special health program (under 14 years). There is an indoor pool with Jacuzzi, sea waves, waterfall and geyser.

Presented before you a rating of the best sanatoria of Zheleznovodsk proves that a variety of treatment programs and facilities will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

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