A rating of sanatoria of Sochi

Sochi…The hottest and largest resort of Russia, the longest metropolis, southern capital titles the city has many and they are all well deserved. So to see the ranking of the best health resorts of Sochi should be required, as well as to visit the city.

Sochi UDPRF 5*

A rating of sanatoria of SochiSanatoriy Sochi UDPRF

Pompous and luxurious year-round resort, since 1953, opened its doors to guests. It is on the first line, almost on the shore of the Black sea. And around — a beautiful Park with fountains and gazebos.

Large and spacious case offers rooms from standard to studios and suites. In the health resort there are two large pools with sea water, the price for the use of which is already included in the price.

Children from 7 years old as adults to be treated in this sanatorium.

Black sea 5*

SanatoriumSanatorium » Chernomorye

The health centre in 8-storey building is located in the heart of the resort, 300 m from the sea. Here can accommodate only 100 people, but the luxury.

Medical base are the envy of some large health resorts: Spa complex, all types of massage, decanter and even underwater spine traction.

Children are accepted from birth, and treated with 4 years.

Rus 5*

Sanatorium RusSanatorium Rus

The resort, which will soon be 80 years old, did not lose over the years of his greatness and became only better. Gradually new buildings were built (currently 6), and a recent late modernization (2013) showed the «Rus» in all its glory.

This year-round resort, one of the oldest in Sochi, located in the city centre, on the shores of the Black sea. On three sides it is surrounded by a beautiful Park. And next to the arboretum and waterfront.

In addition to a variety of medical procedures (there is even round-the-clock emergency care), there is a SPA complex with new equipment and an expanded range of hydropathic measures.

Children how to live, and to undergo some procedures can 5 years.

Green guy 5*

Sanatorium Green guySanatorium Green guy

New resort (built year 2013), is located in a unique location — in the Park at an altitude of 130 metres. From the Windows of a 9-storey building with great views of the mountains and the sea.

Multidisciplinary sanatorium, in the main areas: cardiology, neurology, musculoskeletal system and metabolic disorders.

5 minutes away from Spa complex «Matsesta».

Adler 4*

The Dagomys SanatoriumThe Dagomys Sanatorium

Beautiful 27-storey building has long become hallmark of the city. Not only that, with its upper floors offer great views, the boarding house of the highest class.

In the main building can easily accommodate 1,003, and fans of VIP-guests provide presidential apartments «mercury» — a separate building, where each of the 12 rooms has its architectural design.

In the «Dagomys» has an outdoor and indoor swimming pools with fresh water.

There is a SPA complex with a variety of rejuvenating and restorative procedures. In the medical center all diagnostic equipment from USA, Germany and Japan.

Prominent Cape 4*

The Sanatorium Cape ProminentThe Sanatorium Cape Prominent

In the center of Sochi, on the territory of the Botanical monument that is situated, this hotel hospitably opened its doors in 2000. Pitsunda pines, yews and conifers, the whole relic forest contribute to the rapid and favorable treatment of the respiratory system.

First medical sanatorium natural therapeutic factors: mineral water inside, and as baths, tambukansky mud and grass.

Improve your health for 4 years. Sanatorium bus runs regularly along the route «Cape of Prominent» — Sochi.

October 4*

Sanatoriy OktyabrskiySanatoriy Oktyabrskiy

Large building and several cottages located a picturesque group in Mamayka village. Despite the year of construction — 1995, «October» is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and private biochemical laboratory.

But for fun there is a zoo with tigers, 4 saunas, 2 pools with a water Park, entertainment center and a beauty salon. And a lot of procedures are already included in the price.

Own pebble beach is 300 metres away from the buildings.

The Arctic 4*

The Sanatorium ZapolyarieThe Sanatorium Zapolyarie

The sanatorium is famous for its beautiful pebble beaches, where vacationers go down the Elevator.

In addition to indoor and outdoor pools, the resort is a water complex combining area with slides, children’s pool in the shape of a ship.

Treat young guests will start with 3 years. For children there built a fabulous city, where every child up to 9 years can hold a free 2 hour.

Odyssey 4*

Sanatorium OdysseySanatorium Odyssey

In the village of Lazarevskoe, on the first line, surrounded by a dendrological Park there is this grandiose duplex resort. The building’s design is convenient for movement inside the buildings without going outside, which is especially comfortable in the cold season.

Here the air is just filled with volatile, so any walk around automatically turns into an aromatherapy session. Except for treatment and rest, the resort provides opportunities for conferences, forums and meetings.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools with fresh water are interconnected. The beach is divided into gravel and sand, there are regular bus services. At the sailing club on the shore you can find everything (from jet-ski to sea fishing).

Olympic-Dagomys 4*

Sanatorium Olympic-DagomysSanatorium Olympic-Dagomys

Landmark building is located on the territory of the Nikolaev arboretum. Its construction was timed to coincide with the 1980 Olympics, but now the resort stands out against the brethren.

Balneological treatment, massage, clinical laboratory, large cosmetic Department — to improve health and strengthen overall body tone for the year ahead.

Capacious conference hall can accommodate 350 people. The outdoor pool is open only in the warmer time of the year.

As you can see, our rating of sanatoria of Sochi got some 5 and 4 star hospital, which once again underlines the high status of the resort.

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