A rating of sanatoria of Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk — the second largest after Sochi Spa resort, Russia, which has something to surprise tourists. Moreover, the number of hospitals in the region of Caucasian mineral waters the city has no equal. Therefore, our rating of sanatoria of Kislovodsk will introduce the best institutions of the area.

Red stones 4*

A rating of sanatoria of KislovodskSanatorium Red stones

Rating «the Resort of Kislovodsk» is awarded by the indisputable superiority of this resort. Hospital UDPRF successfully working for over 70 years. This is a great resort on the well-groomed and green territory. Reconstruction and redevelopment went to him only benefit — the «Red rocks» look modern and European standards.

In the asset sanatorium new diagnostic equipment and experienced staff (among whom there are doctors of science, Honoured doctor of Russia). The whole complex of procedures aimed, primarily, for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and is famous for Kislovodsk.

In motels of this level can only be its own pump room. And use of the indoor pool with fresh water is already included in the price.

Dolina Narzanov 4*

Sanatorium The Valley Of NarzansSanatorium The Valley Of Narzans

This new resort is situated near the famous Zhelyabovskiy source. Close to city Park — the green jewel of Kislovodsk.

In the health resort there are 2 pools: indoor and outdoor, both with fresh water. The latter can be called a real water Park, which is open when the air temperature is below 25°C.

All medical offices in the two respective buildings are open 6 days a week. And each of the buildings offers a variety of rooms from standard to presidential Suite. All the buildings are connected by warm transitions.

Children can be treated and live with 4 years.

Villa Arnest 4*

Sanatorium Villa ArnestSanatorium Villa Arnest

Exclusive resort, in 2005 he received the President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. Here are just 34 rooms, 68 places, but the exclusive will be your stay.

Hull are in the most beautiful southern part of the Park. Right from the gate the path starts to the famous Kislovodsk monuments.

There are all conditions for family rest — you can even settle with the babies, but to treat the kids will be 4 years. Allowed accommodation with Pets.

Has its own pump room with sulfate Narzan and a 20-metre outdoor pool with fresh water.

Dawn 4*

Resort DawnResort Dawn

Large 7-storey resort, built 30 years ago, offers medical services at a high level.

Indoor pool with fresh water is a hydro. Here can perform water treatment not only adults but also children from 5 years.

The hospital has its Winter garden, which houses the pump room with hot and cold Seltzer.

Solar 4*

Spa Hotel SolnechniySpa Hotel Solnechniy

The name of this sanatorium is fully justified — all the nooks filled with light and immersed in the greenery. And it is located in the Central part of the resort, near the circus.

This new resort, but a modern treatment base and SPA boasts swimming pools: outdoor 4-foot heated in cold season, but the indoor 25-metre bar equipped with water, artificial waves, Spa chairs and a waterfall.

Plaza 4*

The Plaza Spa HotelThe Plaza Spa Hotel

European hospital (the same is in Zheleznovodsk), located in Rebrovo beam, at the beginning of the Spa Park is a unique plantings with healing keys, and the path (footpath).

More than 1000 medical and SPA procedures in the resort. Evening, daily evening entertainment will delight all family members. The animators will take the kids even infants.

Ginal 3*

Health GinalHealth Ginal

The sanatorium has a number of titles for the title of best in the industry and high quality service. At the same time it can accommodate up to 240 people.

At the hospital, a large urology office with the latest research methods. All treatments are carried out under strict supervision of highly qualified personnel. For the treatment devices are used «SANOS», which has been successfully proven in the field.

Has its own pump room with healing mineral water. For sports — health-improving complex in the air with the safety coating.

Tsentrosoyuz 4*

Sanatorium TsentrosoyuzSanatorium Tsentrosoyuz

Resort, exchanged ninth ten, but have not lost their greatness. Large area (3 hectares) is surrounded by lush greenery and flows through a separate exit to the Resort Park, located nearby.

Treatment profile is wide, plus there is a whole branch of the SPA. The doctors are highly qualified specialists.

In the evenings the guests of the sanatorium are the artists and every day arrange discos, competitions, quizzes and excursions.

There are two freshwater pools — indoor and outdoor (with Jacuzzi and heated).

Healing Narzan 4*

Sanatorium Healing NarzanSanatorium Healing Narzan

Beautiful and modern hotel in the city centre. Of all the procedures the hospital, 90% are included in the cost of treatment.

Leisure hospital consists of daily adult and pediatric programs, as well as discover every few days. Has its own pump room. Children have a nanny, and to live up to 2 years they can charge.

The resort has a business centre for integrated interventions. To services of vacationers, in addition to common procedures — equine therapy, leech therapy and psychotherapy sessions.

Chaliapin 4*

Sanatorium ChaliapinSanatorium Chaliapin

The area at the time liked to visit the famous bass. The sanatorium favorably with the like: pastel colours, high ceilings, spacious rooms, duplex suites and antique balconies.

In the sanatorium you will be offered a consultation of a cosmetologist and therapist, as well as various types of massage. Children under 4 years stay free of charge.

Our rating for reviews the resort of Kislovodsk is based on the experiences of people who have appreciated the resort who come here again and again.

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