A rating of sanatoria of Belarus

Not all people are keen on holidays abroad. Selecting the pensions of the middle band, you will find yourself in a familiar climate, the Spa service is not worse than foreign. A rating of sanatoria of Belarus offers to your attention the best institutions in the country, at very affordable prices. The set Wellness programs will be able to pick people of any age and level of income.

1 Forest lake


Among all the sanatoria of Belarus it is not in vain in the first place. The boarding house is the 1st hotel is located in the Ushachi district, Vitebsk oblast, in the area where within 50 km there are no businesses and even major highways. It you will immediately notice its well-being.

Braslav lakes is often called the pearl of Belarus. More than 50 ponds, connected by canals, offer fishing, Canoeing and boat trips. But children and adults can sunbathe on the sandy beaches, swim in clean and shallow water.

Multidisciplinary sanatorium, in addition to highly specialized treatment, you can strengthen overall body tone. Unique Bargusinsky source provides patients with 4 types of sources: radon (as in Tskaltubo), sulfur (as in Matsesta), ferrous and hydrocarbonate-calcium water. Price from 1950 roubles a day.

2 bug


This Guesthouse is located in the Brest region, on the Bank of the Mukhavets river. The resort has extensive medical and diagnostic base and its own well with mineral water then fill a large swimming pool.

The main directions of treatment — cardiovascular diseases, nervous system, musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal. Management tries to keep prices at the optimal level (in the summer of 1850 rubles per day).

3 lake


Located near Minsk, in Grodno district. The sanatorium is relatively new (opened in 2003), but has already earned lots of positive reviews. Picturesque forest and near the White lake is the perfect place for a family holiday. People with disorders of the musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous or cardiac system will find it efficient treatment with modern equipment.

The list of medical procedures in the boarding house is huge and can satisfy the most demanding vacationer — but the price per day of stay in the summer starts from 3840 rubles. For the money in the customized menu is even phytococktails, days of national cuisine, free hour visit your own water Park every day.

The pool on site is considered to be one of the best is 25 meters in length, 6 lanes.

4 Ruzhany


The sanatorium complex has hospitably opened its doors in 2005 to 350 guests. Located on the shores of lake Papernya in Luganskoy of the forest, it will help first to people with lung problems, neurological and cardiac disorders. The main difference of this resort is that the medical base allows to receive and treat very young guests, from newborns and up to 3 years.

Procedures much: mud-, halo-, phyto-, hydro-kinesiotherapy, and others. Features a 25-metre pool, its own artesian well with mineral water and Aqua Park. Rates start from 3,300 rubles.

5 lakeside


The sanatorium of the President’s office, located on the shore of lake Naroch, able to accommodate up to 460 people at a time. This is a multidisciplinary hydrotherapy with sulfate-chloride-sodium water extracted from wells with a depth of 503 meters, and among treatment areas here you will find almost everything.

Prices from 3000 rubles.

6 Belorusochka


Another resort near Minsk, the main profile of which — the treatment of patients with diabetes. But to rest in a pine forest come to patients with cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine diseases. Mud baths, mineral water of medium mineralization, 8 types of massages — and all this from 1715 rubles in the peak season in the summer.

7 Well


The main wealth of this place — the water, the composition is identical to Truskavets and Mirgorod. It successfully treat diseases of the digestive system, heart, endocrine and neurological. Treatment methods are numerous — from hirudotherapy, therapeutic baths with skipfile and ending with the offices of alternative medicine.

Price per day from 2165 roubles.

8 the Dnieper


Known throughout the country sanatorium multi-function complex, founded in 1970, which can host up to 450 people.

Main profile is the treatment of sapropelic mud (delivered from the Holy lake) and mineral waters. The complex is located on the banks of the Dnieper on the territory of 150 hectares in the ecologically clean area, away from industrial plants and polluted highways.

Price in summer from 2040 rubles per day.

9 Main


Located near Baranavichy, in the middle of the lake Svitiaz and coniferous-deciduous forest. It successfully treat and heal patients with cardiac, musculoskeletal, digestive and nervous diseases. Large diagnostic and treatment base — defensory, rehabilitation capsule, swimming pools for stretching of the spine — to view a list of all should go to the eponymous website. And the prices from 2380 roubles a day.

The resort has baths. The sapropelic mud is delivered from the source to the lake is Wild and sulphide Crimean city of Saki.

10 radon


In diatlava district, Grodno region is a unique source of radon baths, successfully treats the musculoskeletal, nervous and urogenital diseases in men and women, including male infertility. And the most modern methods — radon is used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Except radon are used sapropelic mud from a nearby source.

The place itself is very beautiful — the confluence of two rivers surrounded by pine trees create a whimsical landscape. Well developed infrastructure on site there is a 10 metre swimming pool, boathouse, dance hall and more.

Prices start at 2050 in the summer months.

As you can see, the profiles of Belarusian sanatoria are quite diverse and everyone can find a suitable option. And to go far not necessary.

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