A rating of sanatoria Essentukov

Essentuki is another resort of Federal importance with a protected region. Local water is known worldwide as the panacea in the treatment of gastrointestinal, hepatic and endocrine diseases. Opponents of the city can be only carlsbad, but also that they focus only on drinking treatment. Present the ranking of resorts Essentuki on the basis of Internet reviews.

Source 4*

A rating of sanatoria EssentukovHealth Source

The newest of all the stars out of sanatoriums Essentukov opened in early summer of 2016 and is designed for 450 seats. Located within walking distance from major urban sources, and two types of water: New and 4 are served in the hospital on a private water supply. The indoor 24-foot freshwater pool is already included in the price.

In addition to a wide range of medical services to source a large range of SPA: speleotherapy, the Cabinet of kinesitherapy (treatment of the spine) and sauna complex.

The restaurant is divided into the main and VIP-zone with extended range.

Rus 4*

Sanatorium RusSanatorium Rus

Another new resort (built in 2013). Two nine-storey buildings with warm transitions comfortably placed 418.

In the pool area of 652 m2 has a Spa, Jacuzzi and chromotherapy system.

Medical building consists of 15 physicians. Eat the hotel for 7 low-calorie programs.

In the health resort well-equipped business center (230 and 80 seats).

Kazakhstan 4*

Sanatoriy KazakhstanSanatoriy Kazakhstan

A diversified and year-round sanatorium is located in Essentuki city centre, in close proximity to drinking water sources. While it is possible to visit all the local attractions on the weekends.

Only 186 people at the same time live in a 5-storey building, but the cosy and bright rooms. On the area of 7 hectares is a lot of space reserved for the Park for walks and rest.

The sanatorium accepts children from 4 years.

Source 4*

Health SourceHealth Source

Sanatorium, stylized under the old, soon to be a hundred years, and its full reconstruction was not so long ago, in 2001.

Children from 12 years can get the full treatment as adults on the main profile — diseases of the digestive organs.

Services medical here meet the European standards: diagnostic services are the only specialists of higher category and candidates of Sciences, and the procedures carried out by experts at least, I qualification category.

Dolina Narzanov 4*

Sanatorium The Valley Of NarzansSanatorium The Valley Of Narzans

This is one of the health resorts of the «RZD-Health». In a beautiful five-storey building can accommodate a total of 98 people, but they will receive modern treatment and a wide range of additional services.

In the sanatorium it is easy to combine treatment and the ability to solve business issues in the conference room.

Medical procedures in the sanatorium «the Valley Narzanov» combined with pedestrian scenic walks and leisure activities in the evenings. There is a large indoor pool, exercise machines and a sauna.

Plaza 4*

The Plaza Spa HotelThe Plaza Spa Hotel

Located in the heart of Essentuki, on the main square.

Guests are offered the choice of hotel accommodation and Spa package with treatments and food. Children with parents can settle, starting from infancy.

At the Plaza on the ground floor is the center of aesthetic medicine «Sakura» with a wide range of services.


Sanatorium MoscowSanatorium Moscow

The health center Department. of the President of Russia, is ready to open its doors to adults and adolescents from 16 years. In addition to gastrointestinal diseases and endocrine disorders, the sanatorium are focused dental, gynecological, ENT and x-ray.

You can enjoy all year round 189. Leisure help to brighten up the dance floor, pop stars in the concert hall, sauna or Billiards.

Imeni Kalinina

Sanatoriy imeni KalininaSanatoriy imeni Kalinina

For over 90 years the sanatorium is welcoming all guests in Yessentuki.

Here we have an extensive experience in Spa medicine, and research in rehabilitation of children with diabetes (from 4 years). On the basis of a health resort since 2002 the all-Russian rehabilitation center. Moreover, the treatment takes place primarily by natural factors, and then drugs.

The Pearl Of The Caucasus 3*

Sanatorium Pearl Of The CaucasusSanatorium Pearl Of The Caucasus

Health center workers in atomic industry. Nearby, in walking distance to the drinking hall with three sources.

Here, in addition to treatment, took care of the leisure activities — the club of author’s songs, and in the concert hall constantly hosts various events. For sports lovers indoor and an indoor pool, gym.

Eat resort guests for 12 special diets, promotes improvement of an organism. There is a great standalone program for weight loss.



Former boarding house of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical plant, which gave its name to health resorts more than half a century ago. In addition to common diseases that are successfully treated in many sanatoriums of Essentuki, in the «metallurg» will help patients with obesity and cardiac problems.

Accepts children from 5 years.

The rating of hotels of Yessentuki, a recognized Spa resort proves that although there is no five-star hotels have something to offer tourists.

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