A rating of multivarok in quality

The slow cooker has long passed out of fashion in the category of truly essential house appliances in the kitchen. And nothing about the trip and say nothing — small volume unit will replace all of the: oven, frying pan, wok, and steamer. A rating of multivarok in quality worth exploring at least for the reason that it is a question of investing money that will be wasted or completely pay for itself running smoothly.

1 Redmond

The brand has earned the right to be first in the ranking multivarok to the millions of people around the world will confirm these words. An American company that manufacture located in China, made a bid for power and quality. The larger the capacity of the device, the less time is spent on cooking (and therefore energy and money), and the guarantee is 25 months confirms the confidence the makers of the quality of their products. Huge assortment of various models will allow each buyer to choose the device, whose functionality will satisfy it in the best way – by going to the website or the store without a purchase you will not go. Metal case will protect the unit from cracking. and over time, this slow cooker will look better than plastic.


2 Panasonik

A Japanese company with a hundred years of existence) one of the first appeared on the Russian market, but since that time have only strengthened their positions. Multivarka Panasonic is first and foremost a high quality device: you will not find it in cheap plastic and poor quality parts. The manufacturer offers buyers a classic model with stainless steel housing, ranging from 2.5 liters for singles to 5 liters for a big family. Power starts from 670 watt that a lot. Service centers located in almost every city of Russia.


3 Moulinex

All the requirements for modern slow cooker can satisfy the products of this brand. Small appliances – the prerogative of the company. They are always up to date and many new products appeared on the market it is to supply creative French. The model range is represented by samples, which can not be confused with any other: comfortable handle of black plastic on the sides and on the top cover of the instrument, reminiscent of a saucepan. Sample CE-701132 you’ll be among fellow alien form and won the prize of industrial design.


4 Tefal

A well-known manufacturer on the Russian market, has developed a non-stick coating that is now in every home. The company continues to introduce innovative technologies in their products, making life easier and better. This is a classic model bodies, which do not conduct heat, touch controls and cover, reinforced with a silicone ring to maintain pressure.


5 Brand

This company is a well known fact that produces cheap analogues of popular brands. The range includes advanced models with user-friendly modes, which are complemented by features such as «yogurt», «smokehouse» and «baking bread.» The case is made of stainless steel and plastic, and you can always find a suitable option.


The slow cooker is a great helper in the kitchen. It will help the family eat healthy food and save time cooking. We hope that our rating of multivarok quality able to suggest you the best brand and how long to become indispensable to every housewife.

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