A rating of manufacturers of power supplies

The power supply that acts as a stabilizer, more important to the PC than the processor. In case of breakage of BP, there is a risk of a failure of the graphics card, and therefore, the deadweight loss of valuable data. So choose from the best of those that are the rating of manufacturers of power supplies.

1 SeaSonic


The winner of the ranking of manufacturers of power supplies. Produces expensive models, but is virtually silent (only give a quiet whistle) and are suitable for all modern «motherboard». The company was the first, in 2005, began selling certified PSU.

Cooling SeaSonic fanless, with all modern security facilities. Many models have 80 Plus Gold certification. The wires can detach.

2 Thermaltake


Company from Taiwan, a relatively young (since 1999), but stuffed his hand in the production BP. Thermaltake has focused on manufacturing premium cooling systems and of the body, so this product is not cheap.

In order to accelerate to the maximum values better than this BP does not come up. Their units are often modular, with the ability to detach the extra wire. They produce the most powerful production models, can draw up to 3 cards. The energy performance certificate is one of the best — 80 Plus Gold.

While Thermaltake low noise (the fan is not running when the computer is idle) and almost no heat.

3 AeroCool


The best option is selected in the ratio price-quality. The company is famous for cooling the computer equipment (CPU cooler), case, and is like the game version (up to 3 cards), so the budget office model.

So PSU AeroCool virtually no noise, only when very heavy loads. And it is likely rustle the video card. They heat up only at maximum load — system production does not allow any flaws.

4 Deepcool


A Chinese company with 20 years of production experience, which has focused on power supplies. Therefore, if there is no desire to overpay for the advertised brand, you can buy Deepcool.

Produces a special line for gamers who are certified under the 80 Plus Platinum, high efficiency and very powerful.

5 FSP Group

FSN groupFSP Group

Virtually zero other components, concentrate on power packs, rather expensive. And as a result, the company included in the top 5 producers in the world, with high performance and low noise level (not above 21gb). A stable job for 5 years guaranteed. And the budget models have a shorter wire and a few connectors

But despite the high production rates, these PSU are noisy under load. And the budget models have a shorter wire and a few connectors.

6 Zalman


The best option in the ratio price-quality. Another young company, but South Korea is known for their CPU coolers. The main emphasis is on quietness, which is partly a good quality case.

Most PSU are 80 Plus Gold or Platinum that will work with minimal rainfall and no voltage ripple at high loads.

7 Delta Electronics

Delta ElectronicsDelta Electronics

One of the major electronics manufacturers that focus on industrial, which for 4 decades manufactures products under the motto «energy-efficient, clean and innovative solutions for the future.»

Delta supplies their power supplies for Dell, HP, IBM.

All of them are of good quality, but there are counterfeiting, marking, untrue.

8 Cooler Master

The Cooler Of MeisterCooler Master

The Taiwanese company, the main products of which are extremely low cost but with modern bells and whistles (backlit). The warranty is from 36 to 57 months. They can be connected to all motherboards, and features include flat modular cables. But the fans are not noisy at all.

The drawback is the wires are not removable from all models, and not all have the certificate of 80 Plus.

9 Chieftec


The company sells products for gamers who enjoy overclocking. That’s just it releases, and orders from partners (as many as 3).

Their distinctive feature is the cable in a tight braid. A very small percentage of marriage, but the most common complaint is the high noise level in some models, while other buyers are saying the opposite.

Half of BP do not have any security certificate, and the other with the standards of 80 PLUS Bronze (middle class).



One of the oldest companies in the rating of the power supply. Five years ago, the products were considered very cheap, the problem in which it was easier to throw out than to repair.

Later the company became notorious scandal with marks, deceptive (number 430 in the name of BP, and actually 350 watts of output power).

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