A rating of manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses

In our time, opportunities for rest and especially sleep, increased considerably. Instead of armfuls of hay and matting on top (like our ancestors), we can relax in comfort on the layered boxes. The main thing — to choose the right company that produces the beds. And help us in the mattresses.


A rating of manufacturers of orthopedic mattressesMattress, Dormeo

The products of famous Italian manufacturer, which may well claim the title of best in the ranking of the mattresses. The company famous for its sleeping lodges that use the memory foam (developed by NASA, when the surface adjusts to the human body).

The range includes mattresses with flecks of silver threads, breathable, aloe Vera and bamboo. Hard, soft, double — sided- for every taste and characteristics of the organism (for those suffering from excessive sweating or allergies).

All their covers are removable and can be machine washed at 60 degrees.


Mattress Askona RecordMattress Askona Record

This product is widely advertised, and prototypes easily found in almost any store and also check and see the internal content. Price — above average.

The most famous model Ascona: Victory (the combination of coir and foam)and Mediflex (with memory effect).


The Dreamline Mattress, Dream MassageMattress Dreamline Dream Massage

The company may share the prize in the ranking of manufacturers of mattresses because of its range no one else has such a wide range from cheap to the most advanced.

Also under this brand you can buy children’s furniture and accessories to it. Some users complain not sustainable and newamericamedia chemical smell.


Mattress Ormatek Season Max 4D MatrixMattress Ormatek Season Max 4D Matrix

The company focuses on Internet advertising, so in regular stores mattresses can be found not everywhere. The range is large enough, you will find even a round mattress.

Children’s series Kids Comfort known for its double-sided mattress from coconut coir and orthopaedic foam Ormafoam. The range of sizes allows you to choose a bed children from 3 to 12 years.


Sealy DSS mattress FloridaSealy mattress DSS Florida

American company with more than 135 years of experience in the production of mattresses for every taste and price. Release the spring and latex bed. Positioning themselves as the inventors of the innovation system of smart springs (inside Posturepedic and Suner-Flex on the surface).

All goods guaranteed for 5 years.


The Mattress Of Schlaraffia Series Sports SpringMattress Schlaraffia Sporty Spring

Products are of the highest German quality at an affordable price. Company for over 100 years produces mattresses and managed to conquer the European market.

The collection includes two lines: the Active Life and Love Collection. The first consists of a spring (patented block) and springless (based on smart foam) models.

And the second will provide comfort for couples. Each half has its rigidity, is designed for male and female anatomy.


Epsilon mattress sleep&fly organicEpsilon Mattress Sleep&Fly Organic

Spring and springless products available to the consumer, but at the same quality. Characterized in that there are always two sides (winter and summer) and high-quality toppings (coconut coir, polyurethane foam, latex, wool).

Spring units, the firm uses several: IQ Spring (combine several levels of stiffness), Bonnell and Pocket Spring.

In a series of mattresses involved Carbon Foam carbon foam, which has a pronounced orthopedic effect.


Mattress Evolution MagicMattress Evolution Magic

Expensive products of the Russian manufacturer for every taste. The range is spring (based on Spring Pocket) and springless (only natural materials) mattresses.

In recent years, uses of Memory Foam (foam with memory), which greatly enhances the orthopedic effect.

Some consumers complain that the claimed stiffness is not true.


Mattress Toris SymbolMattress Toris Symbol

Product selection is small, but the price is quite affordable. Produce mattresses along with the beds, pillows and other furniture. The company uses in their mattresses, the technology of three-dimensional ventilation and combine elements.

Drawback — there are no zips on the covers, which makes it impossible to check the inner contents.


Mattress Consul Leo DesireMattress Consul Leo Desire

Expensive mattresses four price categories — economy variant is considered to have up to 10 thousand rubles, and VIP from 40 thousand In stock as there are spring and springless options, but they all correspond to GOST standards.

Among the natural materials used banana and coconut coir, natural latex.

5 years guarantee.

The recommendation to flip the mattress to avoid damage to run hard, as some of them are quite heavy, and the handles are not provided.

We hope that our rating of manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses will help you to choose the safe, durable and quality product.

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