A rating of juicers

In the last few decades, the tendency is to promote a healthy lifestyle. And what is a healthy way of life without a glass of fresh juice? The idea to extract the juice from fruit by mechanical means came into the head of URSA Pfluger, and this event occurred in the middle of the last century. In our days the best workers in the manufacture of fresh juice are those companies with which the designer worked personally is Philips, Bosch, Siemens and Moulinex. Current rating of juicers will tell you about the most popular models of this technique.


  • In our country love buyers enjoy technology companies:
  • LIhililis – leadership of this company is undeniable;
  • Kenwood – the personification of reliability;
  • Moliinex – trivial design decisions;
  • Bosch is a name that needs no introduction;
  • Scarlett is decent quality at a reasonable price.


Types of juicers

  • Centrifugal work quickly, but unfortunately, but not very cost – effective- there is too much moisture in the waste.
  • Screw work slowly, but you can be sure that 95% of the moisture of the fruit will be seized.
  • Citrus – for those who prefer the juice only of this kind of fruit.

Let’s start with the auger juicers. These units are able to delight your family with fresh juice from almost anything – berries, fruit, vegetables, herbs or seeds of wheat.

A rating of auger juicers based on customer reviews.

Hurom HE-DBF04

Hurom vіn-DBF04

The disadvantages of this model include a high price, paying which you get to use a machine, able to squeeze the juice out of anything – from fruits, vegetables, herbs and even nuts. After use can be easily disassembled. In use the unit is simple and intuitive. It is quiet.



A notch is a device, which is much more affordable. Has enough power – 300 watts, sound equipment. Also like its predecessor, easy to dismantle and wash. The disadvantages include the high degree of clogging from fibrous products and pressed juice with pulp.

Zelmer JP1500


The capacity of the AU pairs 150 watts, so for hard fruits may not be enough. The problem is easily solved, if you lay them in small portions. The juice is high quality and tasty pulp. So, if you value the transparency of the juice, this juicer is not for you.



This juicer is the epitome of a harmonious combination of quality and price. Despite the fact that the power of the apparatus is 400 W, the noise is not affected – the juicer does not produce much noise.



The leader of the rating of the screw of the juicer becomes a unit capable of squeeze the juice from the fruit of any hardness. This machine will delight you naturalnymi juices. In operation, the pulp is removed and the juice falls directly into a container. A few holes for the boot allows you to simultaneously cook the juice from several products.

Citrus juicer



If we talk about juicers for cytosolic, the undisputed leader here is DEX DJU 12. Juices from oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamins C, e and folic acid. A glass of this juice will not only affect the vitality or relieve fatigue, but also strengthen the circulatory system. This juicer will make easy and pleasant the care of their own health and the health of their loved ones.



On the second line rating of juicer is the best model for a budget price. Easily cope with citrus literally in the blink of an eye. The disadvantages include the high noise level, but characteristic of most machines of this type.



This device will prove to you that squeeze the orange and wash the juicer much easier than to clean the fruit from the skin and then eat it. Easy to use – easy to disassemble and wash. Built-in reverse provides spinning in different directions.

Best centrifugal juicers



This juicer will allow you to enjoy the juice every day, and it will be a lot, a lot! The device is equipped with a special mesh that allows you to get 10% more juice. You can get more than two liters of juice at one time without cleaning the waste container. A wide opening of the boot block also eliminates the necessity of pre-cutting large fruits and vegetables.



High quality at a reasonable price! Universal centrifugal juicer, is equipped with an electronic scoreboard. As the leader of a rating of juicers of this type allows you to upload fruits and vegetables without pre-chopping. The ability to switch the rotation mode allows the maximum effect of pressing products of various density.



Completes our discussion of the juicer model that represents reliability and quality, which is not something to complain about. The device is sealed in a stylish stainless metal and plastic will allow you to juice volume a bit more than a liter. There is the possibility of regulating the speed of the juicer, which is important for hard and soft products. The legs-suckers, your device will securely stay on the surface of the table.

Manufacturers offer equipment for any queries and different degree of thickness of the purse. You can choose a more expensive model with a full set of additional features and a budget option, which is to meet the needs of the owners and will not harm the family budget. The main thing to buy was a joy to you, and the glass was poured fresh juice!

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