A rating of Internet shops of clothes

Internet shopping has become increasingly popular network service. To replenish your wardrobe and shop from the comfort of home is really profitable and convenient. Considering the savings in time and money when you call in the online shop, not every user is able to choose the web resource with a decent level of service and quality of goods. I hope you will help our rating online clothing stores. It will be ten of the most large-scale, time-tested and reviews, online stores you can trust.

10th place — MEXX

ADIDAS — online shop focused on residents of large cities. The clothes of this brand always distinguished style and aesthetics. The goods are delivered promptly, on the website everything is simple and clear. Products sorted by categories, no distracting information. No problems with the size either, debugged and proven system reviews.

9th place — ElitDress


Shop stylish clothing from designers ElitDress — on the 9th place among the best. Among the reasons for entering the rating of the Internet clothing stores — amazing selection and regularly updated range. Excellent and detailed catalogue allows you to choose the clothes in sections, size and color. You have the ability to purchase on credit.

8th place — Halens


Halens – online store that provides products from America and Europe. The range and size range pleasing variety. The quality and tailoring is excellent, the customer reviews are extremely positive. It is very easy to navigate the site. Here you can learn everything from news to details and the booking terms. Constantly rallies, you can get decent discounts and gifts.

7th place — 3 Suisses

3 suisses

Online shop 3 Suisses for lovers of French refinement and luxury. Among Russians there are many, for more than 5 years, this virtual store is successfully operating on the Russian market. The virtual directory is always full, any visitor can easily get acquainted with new, dimension table and learn how to save money on the purchase.

6th place — KupiVip.ru


KupiVip.EN — one of the most famous clubs closed sales. After receiving a special coupon, every visitor becomes a participant of all shares of a web resource, and this is guaranteed discounts on luxury branded items. This shopping club appreciate the millions of users, web-based resource has received many distinguished awards, joining the rating of the online clothing stores — another achievement, KupiVip.ru among the best.

5th place — Heverest.ru


Online store Heverest.ru for those who love sports and movement. This is a young website, but Russian consumers have already appreciated its advantages: great range, combined with impeccable service and reliability. Has established and operates a system of discounts and sales. User-friendly website, the personal information of each user is securely protected.

4th place – Shopping Live

Shopping To Live

Web site Shopping Live is the winner of many awards and prizes. Informative openness and financial transparency are the main advantages. This web resource trust, love to shop and enjoy all bonus and discount promotions.

3rd place — Boutique.ru


All the delights of shopping in many ways Boutique.ru. This online boutique opens the top three, recommendations and user reviews. The risk to buy a fake minimum, level of service, call center and courier service store instantly solve any problems and disputes arise.

2nd place — Quelle


Quelle is always a luxury selection of clothes. The website is laid out and organized very well, navigation is at the highest level, to navigate in a huge variety of proposals will be easy. To order any of the items is also not working, and the system of seasonal discounts and sales happy. Will not only buy a branded item are of excellent quality, but save money.

1st place — OTTO


OTTO, the leading German trade group. The wealth of choice and styles allows each visitor to update your wardrobe, all you need to do this in the catalog no. A lot of interesting, to use the site will be easy even for a beginner, all the necessary information about prices, new products, discounts accessible and understandable. Nice price, the model is always relevant, quality praise, excellent reputation — OTTO in the leaderboard rankings!

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