A rating of high pressure washers

Today, high-pressure cleaners no longer considered luxurious and fashionable toy. People appreciate the capabilities of this unit and use it in the home, where possible: the owner need not to go to the sink, cottager will be able to quickly remove dirt and dust from all surfaces. Our rating of pressure washers based on reviews online home (not professional) models and I hope to help you in the difficult choice.

1 Karcher K 6.500


One of the most expensive models, but it’s worth it. This is the undisputed winner of the rating of pressure washers. Kind of always works flawlessly and has many functions. The maximum capacity of 550 LCH — much more than other washes. There is a fine filter, mud cutter (nozzle that improves the performance of the jet) and an adapter for a garden hose. In the storage compartment cord mesh bottom helps to keep them clean, with the possibility of ventilation.

All connections without thread — and then get to work work quickly and without fuss. The retractable handle is very convenient for transportation of the sink. Pressure is regulated in two ways —by turning the jet pipe and standard, on the case. Even if the line voltage drops, the pressure in the car will drop, but it will not stop its work.

2 Stihl RE 128 Plus

Have Benzopila Stihl

Powerful appliances in their functionality similar to a professional. Has lots of rave reviews about the uptime and reliability of all parts, while it is compact, ergonomic and quiet. Safety valve protects against pressure drop. The instructions are not a sink without running water, but the machine pulls the water out of any container. Disadvantages — heavy (20 kg) and some complain of a foam nozzle.

Elitech 3 M 1800 RK

Elitech et

Suitable for many types of work — with the help of the washer Elitech possible and to clean the territory and to wash the car without any problems. Using the main water pipe, it is possible to achieve a good pressure unit, which washed away almost everything (with auxiliary capacity pressure, of course, falls, but not critical).

Washing the standard nozzle is used for almost everything (from Windows to the tracks). Pump metal, so will last a long time. Washer works quietly and has an adjustable nozzle.

Complaints: not a very clear user manual, bad foam, a small length of cord (5 meters) and not well thought-out storage system hose reel (the separation of parts takes a long time).

4 Bison B-2000


This is a simple, yet quite reliable unit. The instructions will be able to withstand pressure up to 16 MPa, which, coupled with a working pressure of 11mpa can’t but cause respect. These wash well snapping: 5 years warranty, brass pump, good inverter DC motor with copper winding, many service centres in the country. Of the shortcomings — the short hose and crude foam.

5 Bosch Aquatak 1200 Plus


Known in Russia manufacturer with a well-developed service network in the country. Sink has high-class — as many as 4 nozzles (not counting the foam), located in a special compartment. Working pressure (12 MPa) will suffice for all household needs. Not too strong engine (1,75 kW) sometimes fails when outages in a network. There is an automatic shutdown unit which will increase the life of sinks and help save electricity. Hose length is 6 meters.

6 Interskol AM-120/1500


Budget unit, which is able to buy the average family. Many users note the low noise and good pressure, and for the price you are willing to forgive the manufacturer short five-meter hose and not always successful thread on the fitting. The foam nozzle is not very functional, so if you like that is the sink, it is necessary to take instead of a complete other.

Of the shortcomings — washing does not work, if the water container is at the same height. White plastic case very easily soiled and should be wiped after each use. Garden hose adapter no.

7 Huter M165-PW


German manufacturer, not very known in Russia. The Chinese in their art of copying has reached here, so customer reviews are the opposite. Those who are lucky enough with the Assembly, praising the foam generator and the working pressure. They are not confused with a five-meter hose and loud noise at work. Those who have the unit stopped working after several attempts, respond very negatively.

8 Pro Lavor Skipper Junior


Small (8 kg) and economical sink, where it is possible to trust odd jobs: wash a couple of times a week a car or window. Despite the price, the machine had a metal pump and all fittings are also made of metal. The main drawback is 4 meters of hose, it is very small. It seems the pressure does not meet factory specifications.

9 Makita HW111


Compact and handy machine with four nozzles (and foam). A good design in the housing is a coil, which is wound reinforced hose. The about 1.7 kW with a metal pump and ceramic pistons allows you to give a working pressure up to 11 MPa. After the warranty hard to find parts and this is the main disadvantage of this sink.

10 Karcher K 5.200


A well-known firm tried to create a machine that can work without a Central water supply system. The engine aluminium pump and water cooling, are required, in theory, to ensure the smooth operation in extreme conditions. The sink is quiet, it has a pressure hose is a good length (9 meters) and fine filter (protects from abrasive particles in the water).

But according to reviews, the sink turned out to be quite capricious in the absence of pressure in the water not less than 0.1 MPa and any voltage drop in the network immediately refuses to pump water. Of the shortcomings users cited lack of camera cables and cords, as well as the low land, makes the process work.

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