A rating of high chairs

The chair is an indispensable thing in the Arsenal of young parents. To put a little restless, not only for meals but for games, it is sometimes quite difficult. And this chair will help to solve several problems at once — to rock the baby to sleep or occupy an interesting toy. Our rating of the chairs will acquaint you with the most safe and beautiful models, all of which are comfortable, practical and without fault.

1 Brevi B. Fun

Chair Brevi B. FunChair Brevi B. Fun

The winner of the rating of the chairs. This is a classic high model which can be used right up to 3 years. To six months the design will become a chaise longue, where the kid will sleep in the fresh air. The base cotton fabric and rounded edges cradle — everything here is safe and designed to accommodate baby. So he is not bored, the design includes arches for hanging toys and music of the trapezoid. And after six months, when the spine are strong enough, the model transformirovalsya in a high chair, and then in common, to the baby and could sit at the adult table.

The faux-leather trim, five-point adjustable safety belt and small size when folded, are the main advantages of this model.

2 Happy Baby

High Chair Baby HappyHighchair Happy Baby

William — original model, laid out from cradle to high chair for the baby, with a device for a shared table. Five-point safety harness and the wheels lock if necessary — it has everything you need for a good chair.

The high chair for a budget price and with the optional basket for toys, backrest and footrest with multi-positions and lifting armrests. In the cradle there is a warm fabric Mat and soft faux leather upholstery is easy to wash off dirt.

3 Peg Perego Tatamia

High Chair Peg Perego TatamiaHigh Chair Peg Perego Tatamia

This model can be transformed not only into a long chair, but swings. Very stable construction, not allowing the possibility to fall on the side, reminiscent of the futuristic device.

The seat can be adjusted 9 different levels, there is a place for mounting the arc for toys and two special trays — playing and for eating. The high chair can easily withstand weight up to 15 kg.

4 Chicco Poli

High Chair Chicco PoliHigh Chair Chicco Poli

Very popular and compact model, with several modifications, color choices for boys and girls that allows you to choose a chair on the design of the room. Waterproof fabric is easy to clean.

Although the chair is designed for babies from 6 months, there is a liner for the little ones. Design can be used as a chair, as the backrest is adjustable (3 positions). The kit includes arc with toys and a basket to store them.

Drawback — high price.

5 ForKiddy

Chair ForKiddy OptimumChair ForKiddy Optimum

The model Optimum is cheap and convenient. It can be used for games, sleeping and feeding, as it is both a chair and a chaise longue with a soft liner (the back is lowered to a horizontal position and use the high chair from birth).

Between the legs there is a limiter that prevents slipping. Removable top, as well as case. There are 7 height positions high chair has 3 and backrest.

6 Lider Kids

Chair Lider Kids C-HChair Lider Kids C-H

From the manufacturer there are two popular models: RT-004 with swings and C-H budget and compact option that allows the child to grow along with a high chair from 6 months. Manufacturers care about safety: high back, straps with buttons, the jumper between his legs and adjustable backrest. Removable padding easy to wash, and the whole chair is made of environmentally friendly materials.

The lack of the C-H-1— a removable tray is not fixed and when the child will understand it, it would continually reset.

7 Capella

Highchair Capella wellfunHighchair Capella wellfun

Capella wellfun is a multifunctional model that can easily transformirovalsya in a rocking chair. The height is adjustable 6 positions so it is easy to handle under adult table, and the back has 3 angles. Upholstery removable cover made according to the type of seat boards. Safety is too high a separator for the legs, five-point straps and even wheels with brakes.

But the chair is quite bulky, so in a small apartment it will take a lot of space.

8 Peg Perego

High chair Peg-perego Prima PappaHigh chair Peg-perego Prima Pappa

The Prima Pappa model from the Italian manufacturer is functional, comfortable, but expensive chair.

It easily folds by pressing a few buttons, which is very convenient for small spaces. Height adjustable to 7 positions, so that the baby easily sleep in it. Five-point safety belts adjustable in length.

Disadvantage — not suitable for kiddies up to six months, bulky (in factored form) and heavy.

9 Bertoni

High Chair Candy Teddy BearHigh Chair Candy Teddy Bear

Candy Teddy Bear – another low-cost, sustainable model for tight spaces. Notable sign — a cheerful bear cub on the back of the chair. Oilcloth cover is easy to clean. Three-point safety belts.

Disadvantages — fixed backrest and the folding mechanism is very tight.

10 Wilt Alex

The Chair Wilt AlexThe Chair Wilt Alex

Classic chair-transformer, which easily turns into a party for toddlers and children up to 5-6 years. Made in Russia of environmentally friendly materials and covered with water-based varnish.

A sturdy frame of wood is virtually unbreakable, but the lack of removable parts can do a disservice — there have been cases when the baby got stuck while playing in an inverted design and getting it out was quite difficult.

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