A rating of glucometers

People suffering from diabetes, it is vital to regularly determine the level of glucose in the blood. For this purpose, special devices (glucometers) that diabetics can use in the home, constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels. Today the market offers a large range of such devices, which allow for a few seconds to get the result. Therefore, customers have some difficulties in terms of device selection. According to user reviews, the rating of glucometers, which are the best. I hope that it will help consumers to determine which model of glucometer.

1 One Touch Ultra Easy (Johnson&Johnson)

Blood Glucose Meter One Touch Ultra Easy

The leader recognized this glucometer is a portable device that is fairly easy to use and built on an electrochemical principle. The developers came up with in this device the nozzle, which allows the taking of blood in a matter of seconds. To measure the level of sugar you need quite a bit of blood (1 µl). The result is given by the device after 5 seconds. The meter weighs only 35 grams. It is very good that he has a Russian menu and is given a perpetual guarantee. The main disadvantage of this device is considered a short shelf life of the strips (only 3 months), so it is hardly suitable for those people that determine your sugar level is very rare. To purchase a blood glucose meter for the price of 2100 rubles.

Twist 2 And Trueresult (Nipro)

Blood Glucose Meter Trueresult Twist

Second place in the ranking of glucometers designated in this compact device, which is also incredibly convenient to use. To determine the rate of sugar in the blood, it requires even less blood than the previous model (0.5 ml), and the result with it is known already after 4 seconds. Thanks to the low weight of the device, the ease of use and great battery life the device can be used both in the home and take it with you on the road. The meter shows one hundred percent accurate result. You can buy it at the price of 1500 rubles.

3 Accu-Chek Active (Roche)

Glucometer Accu-Chek Active

This device is recognized as the best repository of information in its memory can store 350 measurements with date and time of tests. The meter gives accurate results which are ready within five seconds. A feature of this model is that blood on the test strip can be applied directly to the meter or outside it. The blood on the strip can be applied repeatedly. This meter allows you to calculate the average value of the indicator, which came out before and after meals for a week, 2 weeks and a month. The cost of the meter is 1,000 rubles.

4 One Touch Selekt Simpl (Johnson&Johson)

Blood Glucose Meter One Touch Selekt Simpl

Fourth place in the ranking this is a very simple and convenient blood glucose meter, which also has an affordable price (you can buy it at a price of 600 rubles). For those people who are unable to cope with the complex devices or just don’t want to do, and created this device. It has an audible alarm which warns of high and low glucose levels. This meter does not have a menu, coding and buttons. To get the result, you need only to insert the test strip coated with a drop of blood into the device. Due to its simplicity, the device is ideal for children and the elderly.

5 Accu-Chek Mobile (Roche)

Blood Glucose Meter Accu-Chek Mobile

In the middle of the ranking of blood glucose meters are the best for ease of use today a device that does not use cans with the test strips. The device has a cassette (samlaut fifty stripes). The housing is ergonomically designed handle that allows you to take a blood sample. If need be, it can simply be removed. The main feature of the Accu-Chek Mobile is a mini USB that allows to connect the device to a personal device for downloading and printing of measurement results. This modern and comfortable unit costs 3800 rubles.

6 Accu-Chek Performa (Roche)

Blood Glucose Meter Accu-Chek Performa

The sixth place among the best is this meter has many functions. This despite the fact that the price are quite reasonable – 1200 rubles. Beautiful design, compact size, backlight and the necessity of the removal of a small amount of blood – here the main advantages of the device. The meter can remind the owner about the necessity to perform the measurements. When excess blood sugar level the device beeps. Data obtained during the test can be transmitted to the personal computer (uses infrared).

7 Contour TS (Bayer)

Blood glucose meter Contour TS

This blood glucose meter has been recognized as the most reliable. Plus to this it is quite simple and convenient. The results of the test result for which gets about 6 ml of blood, you need 8 seconds. The results will always be accurate, despite the changes in hematocrit and the presence in the blood maltose. Considerable advantage can be called that strips can be used until a specified date (usually the shelf life ends quickly after opening the bag). This device is not only reliable and easy to use, but has a pretty reasonable price (1200 rubles).

8 Easy Touch (Bioptik)

The EasyTouch Glucose Meter

Easy Touch is a kind of mini-laboratory, which allows to determine blood glucose, hemoglobin and cholesterol. Each parameter is determined using the individual test strips. With this portable device is not required to frequently visit the clinic to be tested for verification of the specified parameters. The cost of this unit – 4500 rubles.

9 Diacont (OK Biotec)

The Meter Diacont

Ninth place is occupied by the meter Diakont, different cheap price (can be purchased from 700 rubles) and accurate measurement results. Blood to measure sugar levels is removed only 0.6 µl. The result is known after 6 seconds. Test strips are auto-coding and themselves draw a drop of blood. This device is ideal for people who frequently measure their blood sugar, and not willing to pay more for branded goods.

10 Ascensia Entrust (Bayer)

Glucometer Ascensia Entrust

Completes the rating meter is a modern device, proven by the quick reaction capability to memorize the last test results. The device has a quite solid construction and light weight so it is often used in trips. Managing blood glucose meter is one button, which toggles it. Included are 50 test strips, which are inserted into a special hole at the bottom of the device. The disadvantage of this device is a long time for the measurement (30 seconds). To buy the device at a price of 1200 rubles.

All the models of glucometers are undoubtedly the best in their characteristics. But which one to choose, it’s up to consumers, who are guided by personal preferences and wishes.

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