A rating of e-books

With the advent of tablets on the market, many were quick to decide that «ebook reader» is so yesterday. However, it is not so. E-books have several advantages, can provide a pleasant reading tablets such facilities can not provide. Electronic reading devices come in two basic types:

  • Equipped with e-lnk display
  • Ebook reader with LCD display

The most readable is e-books with e-lnk matrix, and on books, equipped a colour display, convenient to watch movies and look at photos. Modern devices of this kind are visually reminiscent of the tablets, but still more focused on reading books, not surfing the Internet. The e-book will help you to choose the device that will be like.

PocketBook 626

PocketBook 626

This is a model that features a black and white screen, touch screen and Wi-Fi. This unit allows you to create multiple profiles – everyone who uses this book will be able to create a personal library.

In e-books has allowed her to be the matrix e-lnk – today it is the most comfortable mode for reading. Eyes will not unnecessarily strain, which means it can be presented as a gift even to a child.

This book can playback most of the book formats, and the backlight allows you to read even when the room is dark. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi, interesting literature can be immediately downloaded from the Internet. The book works at a stable and high quality Linux OS. Summarizing, we can note that the book is worth it to take!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013

A true bibliophile will appreciate this model e-reader. Comfortable reading will provide illumination with a soft yellow glow. Built-in memory allows you to quickly turn the pages, Wi-Fi technology will allow you to download interest books without the aid of a computer and memory cards.

Ritmix RBK-680FL

Ritmiks RBC-680FL

If you are on a budget, but a good reader you need this model will be your salvation. The participant’s rating of e-books will serve you faithfully for many years. Due to the lack of an extra feature, this device is to read, holds a charge and is able to react quickly to the actions of its owner. It does not touch the model, the control is performed with the buttons, and, consequently, reduced the risk that the screen will be spoiled.

Sony PRS-T2

Sony PRS-T2

The e-book is intended to introduce you to another worthwhile model, it holds a charge, has a high capacity. This is one of the most popular models among fans of the products of this manufacturer. Known for the fact that complaints on virtually no. The most common complaint of consumers is the imprint of the previous page when browsing. This book will not make you nervous about this.

The only drawback could serve as a «filling» of the device settings can cause some difficulties.

Qumo Libro Basic

Cool Book Basic

This book draws attention to the large color screen and original design. Generally, if you are not familiar with the products of this company, then waste no time to fix it. Their products are very high quality, although recently they have had problems with is not very correct firmware. Manufacturers have corrected their deficiencies and have given this model not only a different firmware, but quality battery. It should be noted that in a similar price range the ability to rotate the screen is rare – so this will serve as an additional advantage towards the purchase of this model.

Prestigio MultiReader 3664

Prestige MultiReader 3664

Despite the fact that e-book is available without illumination, it also has its pluses, like the ability to customize your PDF. Low price, speed and light weight is a device for real readers.

teXet TB-566

e-book teXet TB-566

This company is known as not the best manufacturer of electronic equipment, but in this case they managed to release a really interesting product. Among all the devices in this price category, is the undisputed leader. She knows how to work with the most popular text formats, quick and made in bright attractive design. If you are an active reader, the book you have to charge quite often – about once a week. In this model, a frankly weak battery.

Digma t700

Digma t700

The first to draw attention, taking this book in hand, it’s simple and intuitive menus. The icons are so large that they are difficult to get confused. Management book touch-button, supports most formats, a video player and MP3.

Wexler Book T7206

Book T7206 Wexler

So we got to model, which will complete our e-books. Reader works on Android OS, is managed by buttons and sensor. Thanks to her, you can not only read, but also listen to music and watch videos.

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