A rating of chainsaws for reliability

Those people that have the farm chainsaw, you know how big of loads are on these devices during operation. It is therefore important to choose the most reliable mechanism on which the least of the problems. Importantly, the saw was identical to its class and stated in the user characteristics. Is this true, we try to find out in our ranking of chainsaws reliability.

1 STIHL MS 180

Have Benzopila Stihl

The tools of this German manufacturer are among the most sold in the Russian market. Lightweight (3.9 kg), but powerful saw (1.5 kW) with a 35 inch tire travel and also for domestic use and gardening. Efficiency, convenience and long life are the main advantages of this model.

In this model, no fuel pump, but for such a small unit. But there are hot and cold startup and the system is very economical chain lubrication. And the carb has a special compensator, which acts as a stabilizer for the engine when problems with the air filter.

The engine is located far from the fuel tank, which gives you the opportunity to balance the chainsaw.

2 Husqvarna 240 E


Another semi-professional saw from the Swedish manufacturer, which you can use to work with the wood, as in the country, and at the sawmill. It is perfect for work in Russia thanks to a special adapted models. And their range is quite large.

Large engine (38sm3) and the capacity is 1.5 kW, the fuel pump, advanced anti-vibration system, improved filtration filter AirInjection the main advantages of the model Husqvarna 240 E.

Users say that the saw easy to start even if rarely used.

3 Oleo-Mac GS 35


An Italian brand that offers high-quality European equipment at a reasonable price. This petrol model is being improved by the manufacturer for 40 years, but it remains relevant. Two-stroke engine with a capacity of 1.5 kW with a system of damping the vibrations and limiting the starting current offers uninterrupted operation in the country and at home.

Saw ideal loppers for small dimensions, small weight and low vibration (due to the 3 rubber shock absorbers), but it has a long service life and good owners.

Its crankshaft is of steel, Nickel-plated, which ensures long service.

4 bison PB-2400u


One of the main advantages of domestic models — developed in the country a network of service centers and hassle-free purchasing of spare parts. Besides, adds a powerful engine (2.4 kW) which will work in all weather conditions. In piston service life is 5 years due to the cylinder with two piston rings.

Soft-start, primer (pump for pumping air), protection from the reverse shock, anti-vibration system, two brakes (main and auxiliary) — all this made the petrol model bison PB-2400u one of the most popular on the market of household chainsaws.

5 Echo CS 350 WES


How can we do in our ranking of chainsaws for reliability without the Japanese, these recognized professionals in the production of power tools. The model is very light (3.7 kg), but it can be hold with one hand, without drawing assistant for working at home and at the cottage. There is a perfect balance of power for its low weight and good barrier properties.

Have a Echo CS 350 WES is the system a quick cleaning of the filter and Express the starting system of the engine.

6 Partner P350 S


Another Swedish chainsaw manufacturer (subsidiary of Husqvarna), which is suitable for both the home and garden. This is the perfect chainsaw for occasional use and small load level. Also it is possible to take with itself on fishing or hunting, as volumetric units (bus 40 cm) can be easily separated and folded in half.

40-CC engine capacity of 1, 52 kW with electronic ignition included in the work quickly and efficiently. And the resistance of the cable to the starter helps start the chainsaw.

The surface within the working cylinder chrome that significantly extends the life of the chainsaw.

The carb is easy to clean by yourself at home — just add air into the system and slowly povazovat.

Of the shortcomings — a weak spring mounting handles, plastic surface and a large gap between the muffler and the housing, so there is constantly accumulate chips and sawdust.

Makita 7 EA3203S40B


Semi-professional model, which is suitable for use at the cottage and at home. Its mechanism is made taking into account long life and continuous operation.

Engine (1,35 kW) runs very quickly thanks to a special spring (torque amplifier). The presence of a water resistant filter, anti-vibration system and ignition using the cold start.

As a bonus there is a special box and a container in which to mix the oil with gasoline.

8 McCulloch CS 360


American producers, who today joined the Husqvarna group, say the manuals, chainsaw designed for the felling of classic trees, and also cutting firewood. But we should not forget about the dosage and periodic work to avoid failure of the device.

This chainsaw has a system start during which fuel is supplied to high volume but with minimal resistance starter. The mechanism of air purification, and anti-vibration system.

Bus length 45 cm is inserted into the engine with a volume of 36 cm2 and a power of 1.3 kW. While it is eco-friendly and reduces the volume of exhaust gas to 70%.

Of the shortcomings — the «Amateur» circuit and a complex carb adjustment.

9 Sturm GC9945B


Household, but very powerful model (45sm3 and 2.35 kW) from the Chinese manufacturer. Has a inertia brake circuit and easily incorporated into the work. It weighs 5.3 kg, which for this engine, very optimally.

Disadvantages — problems with spare parts, wood diameter more than 35 cm she is not «tough».

10 Goodluck GL4500M

The product is available Chinese manufacturer that you can use at home for frequent logging. The motor is powerful (2 kW), but weighs only 6.2 kg vibration system reduces shock absorbers, chrome-plated cylinder and adjustable oil flow chainsaw enable you to work long time without interruption.

The chain is lubricated automatically, and it has emergency stop.

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