A rating of cat food

Cats are Pets that are in almost every home. Quality of food four-legged friends is of concern to many. Not everyone has the ability to give your pet a natural food. Therefore, to help always comes to dry cat food. But what to choose? After all, the shops are just bursting with an abundance of treats. Your attention provided a rating of cat food.

Fifth place ranking is reserved for food firms Bozita, which is produced in Switzerland. They contain fresh meat, fish, minerals, vitamins and protein. All ingredients are quality controlled, so your pet do not worry. Food Bozita has the large assortment and affordable price. Its main disadvantage – the composition is corn meal, often causes diarrhea. Also, the company produces the feed of therapeutic action.

In fourth place feed Eukanuba. Issued as a separate species: adult cats, kittens, cats «aged», as well as dietary food. These feeds are high in protein, meat, fats. They lack the fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Many breeders of elite breeds of cats give them this kind of food because it is very effective in the prevention of many diseases.

Third place goes to feed Acana. On the market, this Canadian brand has more than 25 years. Forage refers to «premium» and is composed of dyes, gluten, ground bones and preservatives. For manufactured using a specially grown variety of potato. In the composition of Acana more than 65% meat or fish and about 35% of vegetables.

In second place canadian firms feed Orijen. This food can be attributed to the «premium class». In its composition it contains no corn flour, no crushed bones, no offal, which reduces the cost of feed. It is sold only in specialty stores. This is probably the only negative feed Orijen.

On the first place ranking American food company Innova Evo. One of the best brands of cat food. It is composed of ingredients that can be suitable even for human nutrition. These food grade «holistic». They contain probiotics that help the work of digestion; a large amount of protein and dietary meat raw. In the stern there is no preservative and colorant, it does not cause allergic reactions. Another advantage of this cat food is its nutritional value and ability to the prevention of kidney stones. Minus his 2 high cost and inaccessibility for free purchase must be ordered via the Internet.

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