A rating of car batteries

Cars are constantly tested. But they consist of many parts, which ultimately determine their place in the various rankings. And rating among the automotive parts is also not uncommon. Among them, a rating of car batteries, which have a great value for any auto.

10 – battery EXIDE Premium

The website exide Premium

Pretty good battery that has withstood the test of dignity, the only drawback is not suitable for severe cold, as in minus 29 degrees not passed the test for a given energy start-up (single current 480a).

9 – battery VARTA BLUE dynamic

VARTA blue dynamic

Has a high starting power that is provided by the PowerFrame grid technology. According to the developers, this model has a lifetime twice more than the previous analogues.

8 – a battery TYUMEN battery


This battery of Tyumen, and in a rating of car batteries, he was «legally» because his brothers every year there is a place in the top ten. The results from the test ahead of its predecessors, but an additional advantage is their price – lower by a third than EXIDE or VARTA.

7 – the battery is a BEAST


While in the test current cold scroll, which was held at a temperature of minus 18 degrees, «the BEAST» took the fifth position, the reserve capacity it is not enough. However, the manufacturers warranty – a range of work from -50C to + 80C.

6 – battery AKTEX


The reserve capacity of this battery was the highest – a whopping 124 minutes. Among his comrades by this measure, he was out of competition. Besides AKTEX – first hybrid battery manufactured in Russia.

5 – TAB Polar battery

Tab Polar

The battery included in the ranking of Slovenia. Russian motorists it is not love, although the model of this European brand is worthy of recognition. Moreover, the manufacturer’s warranty on the batteries of these batteries is two years.

4 – battery a-mega


In a rating of car batteries, he came through demonstrated remarkable results, and in all respects. The temperature range in which it can function, is large enough – from-55C to + 65C. To control the level of charge on the cap is a special indicator. The model is quite expensive, but the options justify the cost.

3 — the battery of ROYAL


Third place in the rating of car batteries confirms that the battery is ROYAL – a worthy successor to the battery «Medalist», who was constantly among the leaders in the rankings conducted by the magazine «driving», but was discontinued by the manufacturer.



The results of this test battery from Turkey were excellent, with the exception of one test given the energy of the start, carried out at – 29C. The nearest rivals in the ranking on this indicator it has bypassed. In another battery more than worthy.

1 place in a rating of car batteries – TYUMEN BATTERY Leader

Battery Tyumen Leader

This battery has passed with honor all the tests and fully justified its name. Be compared with it could not, none of the batteries that were tested. But, although the leader of the TYUMEN BATTERY and took the highest place in a rating of car batteries, you can find it in the sale proved to be somewhat problematic – not all stores can offer to motorists. That, you see, is somewhat puzzling.

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