A rating of bimetallic radiators

Bimetallic radiators have many advantages, the main one being the solid steel frame surrounded by aluminum, with a huge margin of safety. But if the composition of the water is poor, then only this radiator will last a long time. Always heat can be adjusted in the process of operation. Our rating of bimetallic radiators based on those brands and models that use a steel collector, not reinforced tubes, as they are resistant to corrosion and very durable.

1 Global


This is an absolute winners of the rating of bimetallic radiators. Italian manufacturers have learned to cope with unstable pressure and the heat transfer media is of poor quality. Style and Extra Style Plus, the most common models of this brand in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

In the model with lateral connection Style Plus are silicone gaskets protect against leaks. Steel crimped by a special technology that allows to withstand high pressure. Mikalaichanka tube large diameter contributes to high heat transfer.

All radiators can withstand pressures up to 35 atmospheres, the factory warranty is 10 years.

2 Sira


These radiators are the original and the rounded design of models of diversity (compared to the classic versions of other firms).

Such batteries wonder record pressure 40 bars — any hammering and pressure surges do not withdraw the unit from the system. Italy (and other European countries) is famous for its exceptional quality products, therefore the warranty for this heating appliance is 20 years.

Model RS Bimetal is virtually silent devices that can be connected from the side to any pipes of questionable quality. The paint on the radiator is a weakness for this manufacturer.

3 Tenrad


The combination of German technology manufacturing located in China, «gave life» to this neat radiators, which are quite inexpensive. They are easily attached to any heating system.

The heat transfer coefficient in the batteries Tenrad increased by one order in comparison with competitors by the guide ribs inclined at an angle. Tenrad VM can easily withstand the pressure of 36 atmospheres, and the service life is up to 50 years.

The company produces both even and odd number of sections, which is very convenient for individual projects.

4 Me


The Russian company, works on Italian license Global. These radiators represent a monolithic block of steel covered with aluminium with various types of connection of pipes from below or the side.

The Base model Ventil is connected via a bottom valve (most aesthetic method) and a selection between the axes 50, 35 and 20 cm due to the large surface radiators good heat — sometimes even better than the Italian models. The charging can easily withstand temperatures up to 135 degrees, low quality coolant and hammering.

Model Monolit with a lateral connection is warranted for a period of 25 years and is ideal for Central heating systems.

Of the minuses — the number of sections always only fresh.

5 Royal Thermo

Royal Thermo

In its composition except for high-alloy steel producer uses alloys with silicon and titanium, which significantly increases the service life and heat transfer.

The radiators are of sufficient quality — to withstand hammering. Top reliable paint application technology in 7 steps provides a good appearance of the radiator in lifetime, Yes, and the design differs significantly from the models on the market.

Users note thin wall products.



The production capacity of these radiators are in China. Nevertheless, they have a good heat dissipation and are suitable for Central heating systems and individual homes.

In one unit can be up to 14 partitions, which is very convenient for heating a large room, there is no need to install two device.

7 ALLtermo


They are made in Poltava and China. A maximum pressure of 18 atmospheres, but it does not detract from the other advantages. The tubes are connected by automatic welding, which makes the seams incredibly strong. The range of rich palette of colors with a quality paint.

But you can only buy them in 10 sections, otherwise, there is no guarantee.

8 Elegance


Ukrainian manufacturer of radiators on the Swiss and Italian equipment. This tubular models are compact and ergonomic, reaching a length of up to 2.2 meters. Copper-aluminum stuffing inside does not allow you to use antifreeze (only water), as in other models.

But if the house and individual heating the water will freeze, no harm to pipes will not. The kit is always supplied faucet Majewski (for venting).

Of the drawbacks — thread the connection is the weak point.

9 Biluxă


Firm with a 10 year guarantee registered in the UK (but manufacturing facilities are located in China). In Russia, these radiators still need to look, as well as warranty in case of breakage.

Manufacturer on the market not so long ago, so data on the Internet about Biluxă very little. Rare Islamic state Biluxă plus good permeability of water between the axes.

10 Oasis


Inexpensive models produced in China (and Russia — even on a box it is impossible to understand the country of origin).

Stated that they adapt for the local heating system. The warranty on equipment is 15 years and any hard tap water in vain. But in the Internet you can find a lot of reviews over the cracks and leaks in the first winter (very susceptible to corrosion).

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