A rating of Bicycle manufacturers

Before you purchase a bike anyone should pay attention to the brand. If you know which manufacturer is most popular, you can navigate among different models. Those companies that have long been familiar to many cyclists trying to produce a quality product. The deal will help the top producers of bicycles.



This German manufacturer is very popular in the world. Their bikes take part in various Cycling. Although the frame for them to cook in Taiwan, the rest of the work on the setting up and development is conducted in Germany. Their models are prepared for riding in the harshest conditions. Engineers are constantly developing new standards and improve existing ones. If you are willing to pay a large sum for German quality – this option is for you.



Next in the ranking of brands of bicycles is an American manufacturer Giant, whose position on the market in recent times improved. The company produces various models of bicycles in their Arsenal there are options for those who like active rest, and for those who like extreme sports. Their most famous line – Reign and Glory that have long been known to cyclists all over the world. Products are considered to be relatively inexpensive. The company has the world’s largest production capacity. A distinctive feature – in production time frames, there are elements which are created by laborious manual work. The manufacturer uses the latest technology and constantly communicates with the well-known in the Cycling people.



Another participant of the rating of brands of bikes – Scott. Previously, this promising American company engaged in the manufacture of skis and equipment for motorcyclists. Now she successfully makes the bike, and does it perfectly, which proves a significant assortment of models, which are popular, any fan of Cycling is familiar their series Gambler and Voltage. It is on their bikes, people have won competitions of different levels, they are among the most reliable.



The representative of the rating of Bicycle brands, one of the oldest – he works since 1976 and in the range of models to find the bike for a variety of purposes, and the manufacturer offers an impressive set of configuration options. They guarantee a high level of quality – which is only the fact that their frames bikes offers a lifetime warranty. It is worth noting that their models have been developed and designed not the last in velosipedisty persons – engaged Gary Klein (the Creator of the mountain bike) and lance Armstrong (well-known figure in Cycling). Cons models most of them have little – to identify gaps is almost impossible.



Finally completing our rating of Bicycle manufacturer Specialized. This is one of the best brands that create products ground under different types of Cycling. The company successfully operates for over 35 years. It was first released a unique wheel made of composite alloy.

With the help of special technology of the producer can create models that offer a high level of comfort. This company is staffed by professional athletes – they are responsible for testing the bike in different conditions. In addition, the Specialized staff try to take care of the health of their customers, including their development has a special wheel with curved handles, which significantly reduce the load on hands.

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