A rating of 5W40 oils

The choice of a quality product is always the key to long life of the motor. Viscosity index oil for the motorist of great importance. At any time of the year, summer and winter, at critical temperatures it is the oil ensures the smooth operation of the motor due to its high viscosity. Therefore synthetic multigrade oil 5w40 is widely used in gasoline and diesel engines, ranging from small car to truck. This product is indispensable for higher engine loads.

1 ENEOS Gran-Touring

Our rating of 5w40 oils gives the palm to this manufacturer. The Japanese product became the best in terms of start-up, sustainability and power. Even soaked while working with phosphorus and sulfur from domestic gasoline toxic indicators oil managed to overtake the competition. Fade very slowly. And of course, this oil just may not be cheap.

Eneos is a trade Grand tourng

2 Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic

The oil is approved for use by the concern Ferrari. This is ideal for gasoline engines with direct injection. In winter, the substance doesn’t change consistency, while maintaining good fluidity and is ideal for cold start. Even after years of using all parts of the engine will be like new.


3 Xenum X1

Oil on Astroboy basis (with a stable viscosity and low freezing point), so — for him the future. Testing it could save up to 9% of fuel, which is an absolute record. The product is environmentally friendly — burns slowly, releasing little sulfur and phosphorus, but expensive. The tribological performance (the degree of wear of the friction surfaces) in the oil is low.



Oil is a premium. Factory description is honest and true. Approved for use by the companies Renault, Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW. Good oil viscosity and lubricating properties — it can work in severe operating conditions that do not change form when you change the environment. Maximum capacity is reached quickly and easily thanks to optimum viscosity. Can save up to 8% of fuel. High base number — which means all surfaces of the power unit will be clean. But sulphur in a little more than normal.


5 Rosneft-Premium

A good and inexpensive oil. At the starting characteristics and protective properties, it in the lead. Able to improve performance in the system afterburning of the exhaust and all systems will work without repair. But the energy saving properties of the product are low.


6 TNK-Magnum

In good oils indicators during the tests, fuel consumption decreased by 7%. Works well in low temperatures. The price of mid — price segment.


7 TOTEK-Astra Robot

The Russian manufacturer has become a leader in the flashpoint above 245 degrees (the ability to withstand high thermal loads). And then, volatile components the oil contains much less. This oil burned with slowest speed and, accordingly, has the best performance exhaust. The oil is quite expensive. Freezes at very low temperature, but contains a lot of sulfur.

Totaka-Astra robot

8 MANNOL Extreme

The best oil that can improve the power plant (more than stated in the specifications for 3%). Can work in low temperatures, but the sulfur content of the higher standards two times, as well as efficiency costs. One of the cheapest oils among all manufacturers.

MANNOL Extreme

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