A rare and wonderful natural phenomenon

In the world there are many unique phenomena, but that nature gives the most amazing of them. Meet the best!

1. Polar lights

Polar lights

Full of mysteries, incredible creation of nature. This beautiful and magical phenomenon can be observed at the magnetic poles of both hemispheres of planet Earth. Contemplate it for hours, and sometimes it is delayed for a few days. The brightness and color of lights affected by the solar activity. The best time for observation – night in calm weather, and was more fortunate of all inhabitants of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

2. Clouds in the form of tubes (tubular clouds)

Clouds in the form of tubes (tubular clouds)

It is an unforgettable phenomenon sometimes occurs, heralding a severe thunderstorm. The clouds look as an assemblage of balls with changing colors.

3. Monarch Butterfly

Metalic Monarch

This divine creation is one of the most beautiful on the planet. This butterfly with bright and light wings you can enjoy for hours! Often a cluster of Monarchs can be found in America, when they migrate from Canada to Mexico and back. At this time, the California parks abound due to the fact that butterflies dot the trees and bushes, completely hiding the branches and leaves.

4. Penitentes


This strange term refers to a kind of ice needles adorn the surface of glaciers in mountainous regions in the Andes. The length of the ice needles can range from a few centimeters to two meters.

5. Moving rocks in death Valley, California

Moving rocks in death Valley, California

Only once in a few years the national Park «Death Valley» pleases unforgettable and inexplicable sight. At the bottom of the dry lake Playa Rastrac begin to move the huge stone giants, whose weight is up to tens of kilograms! At first they land from the mountain, with a height of almost three meters, and then begin to slide with an almost imperceptible speed from the bottom of the former lake. The movement of boulders can be seen in the obvious traces that they leave. Until now, scientists did not come to a conclusion about what causes the stones to start and finish your journey.

6. Supercells – an unusual storm clouds

Supercells – an unusual storm clouds

Divine sight, which occurs most often in areas characterized by humid climate and frequent thunderstorms. The Central part of the United States is watching them very often. Especially striking about this phenomenon before sunset, when the clouds are painted in improbable shades.

7. Firestorm

Fognani tornado

The phenomenon is deadly, but inadvertently draws the eye with its scale and beauty. The height of a fire tornado can reach five kilometers, he moves with incredible speed, leaving nothing living in its path. But beautiful fiery miracle is very rare.

8. Sandstorms


In some parts of our planet quite often possible to observe sandstorms. For example, in the deserts of Africa or Asia sandstorm is common. But even the locals do not get tired to wonder at the beauty and vastness of this amazing phenomenon. However, it is better to observe at a safe distance.

9. Rainbow


Not to include in our rating of a rainbow, because what more can warm the soul after a rain? A rainbow can be seen due to the accumulation of the smallest particles of water and sunbeams. Some lucky people watched the double arch, but despite the enchantment is a wonderful optical illusion.

10. Taos Hum (Taossky Buzz)

TSE Hum (Hum Taossky)

This strange acoustic phenomenon, named for the Indian village of Taos where something prevents the locals to live in peace. They are concerned about strange vibrating hum coming if from the depths of the Earth. Until now, scientists had not solved the mystery of this unusual and noisy phenomenon.

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