A piece of wood instead of a smartphone

A piece of wood instead of a smartphone

The resident of Krasnodar, instead of bought on Aliexpress smartphones come twice wooden bars and one parcel not reached at all.

Ordering in the online store two smartphone user under the name rudomainer waited for the packages that were sent to him by mail Singapore. A couple of weeks later the parcel was delivered to the nearest home buyer’s office «Mail of Russia».

After signed notification of the receipt of the parcel, the online buyer opened the package in the presence of the postal worker. Instead of the expected smartphones in the package were two wooden bars.

Refusing to receive, persistent rudomainer order again, but from another seller. And again got a piece of wood.

Hoping the third time still wait for the desired gadgets, krasnodarets, has issued an order again. But this time smartphones he did not wait, because the package disappeared after arrival at a sorting station of Krasnodar.

A user with the nickname rudomainer managed to find a few more people who received wood instead ordered gadgets.

A case in which the user of Murmansk instead of a tablet, ordered on eBay came three pieces of brick.

The wood is smartphone 2

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