10 unsolved mysteries of man

Mental and physiological features of the human body is so unique that today the majority of scientists trying to unravel the secrets of the most amazing processes. Employees of the British magazine New Scientist highlighted the TOP 10 most common incredible facts.

1. Only man has the ability to blush. Researchers in the field of anatomy is still not clear such a reaction of the body. There is a theory that in this way the physiology of each individual calls to get rid of false speeches. Because others will be able to instantly declassify insincere thoughts. At the same time, the redness indicates that even on a subconscious level feels guilty.

The ability to shame

2. Laughter is a unique phenomenon from the point of view of scientists, because in the same situation everyone reacts differently. Interesting is the fact that fun is not only an explosion of emotion, but the antidepressant that allows you to create psychological balance and to deal with a sad mood.


3. Most people are interested in the question: why in the bikini area and pubic area itself is dense vegetation? There is a theory that during the evolution of this part of the body remained unchanged to attract the opposite sex. Existing in this place the smell creates sexual attraction.

Intimate hair

4. Mankind have long been eager to create. Masterpieces of art, music, literature – all contribute to aesthetic pleasure and peaceful life. Strange, but true: in a beautiful and harmonious place everyone feels happy. So brilliant artists and poets exist in all centuries.

The desire to create works of art

5. People’s inclination to superstitions is also not find a scientific explanation. On a psychological level, man always remembers the good moments, and the negative is trying to erase from memory. During the so-called «black band» faith in omens is particularly strong. With a positive mindset and focus on success everyone feels secure and more confident.


6. According to scientists, human altruism is one of the mysterious facts of evolution. There is a theory that the desire to help other people in the genes, in order to attract a good partner. Our ancestors believed first education of children the main goal and meaning of life of each individual. That is why good and responsible parents can become support for child and full family.


7. The habit of picking your nose exists among people of all ages. In addition, many eat their boogers. As not strange sounds, but the researchers argue that this «delicacy» enhances immunity and protective functions of the body. In addition, the massage movements that are produced during the cleaning of the nose improves the functioning of the cerebral cortex.

The habit of picking his nose

8. British scientists believe that kiss as a physiological process, outside of sexual orientation, acts on the human body as a «vaccination» that helps to produce antibodies. Some of the microorganisms contained in the saliva and oral cavity – individual. Accordingly, when the kiss occurs a mutual exchange of personal variety of bacteria that are beneficial to the immune system.


9. Duration of puberty in humans lasts about 10 years. Researchers believe that this feature is inherent only to the person in connection with the development of society. Such a prolonged adolescence helps to prepare for adult life.

Prolonged adolescence

10. The assertion that during sleep the human soul travels through different worlds, has become outdated. Scientists came to the conclusion that the dream is the processing of electrical impulses in the brain, a reflection of reality and experience for the day.


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