10 most violent prisons in the world with inhuman conditions of detention

The reality of the world is that at any point in the path of the person may cause danger. After all, not far from us live people who thoughtlessly can do terrible misdeeds. They are a real threat to society. That is why legal documents free society from criminals, and the courts sentenced to imprisonment in prisons. But prison is a tough test for the prisoners, because they store a lot of different diseases and a high level of aggression.

10. Prison complex Bangkwang

Tyuremnyi complex Bangkwang

This prison complex is located in Thailand eleven kilometers from Bangkok. He is also renowned as the Bangkok Hilton, but the differences from top of the hotel is amazing. All the prisoners in this concentration camp torture, regular torture, and contain them in miniscule size of the rooms. Sentenced to death deprived of life by the prick of a poisonous drug. During the first three months of imprisonment, all prisoners put on his feet a heavy pair of shackles.

9. Prison complex Rikers

Tyuremnyi complex Rikers

This prison is located in new York, and she became famous thanks to heavy relationship among the detained citizens. Geographically it is located in the Bronx. To keep her government paid from the local budget of about eight million us dollars every year. The entire staff of the prison complex from day to day, watching how cruelly you treat each other and the prisoners themselves take part in the massacres. Sometimes there are mass beatings and sometimes murder! For this reason, information about the severity of the institution has spread. After the introduction of some reforms in the sector the number of deaths and injuries have dropped significantly.

8. Prison complex San Quentin

Prison complex San Quentin

It is the oldest prison complex in California. It has a gas torture, but it is not in demand. A fatal verdict is the introduction of a deadly vaccine into the body of the prisoner. In the camp there is some problem situations related to domestic criminals. In a skirmish which happened in 2006, two prisoners killed, and a hundred people were injured. At the same time, media sources spread the rumor that the conditions of detention in this prison is very dangerous to their health and life.

7. Prison complex of Alcatraz

Tyuremnyi complex of Alcatraz

It is the institution, perhaps the most famous in the world. It is located in San Francisco at one of the coasts. This jail took ill prisoners, what was seen in criminal circles. In 1946, the prisoners tried to make the great escape from prison, which was later called «the Battle for Alcatraz». In 1963, the institution was finally closed as her reputation was terrible, and financial resources for the maintenance left a lot.

6. Sabaneta prison complex

Tyuremnyi complex Sabaneta

The prison, located on the territory of Venezuela is considered one of the worst in the world. The prison is too crowded, and one warden has 150 prisoners. The building is designed for the simultaneous presence of 15 thousand prisoners, but at the moment there are more than 25 thousand criminals. In 1994, as a result of the incident killed 108 outlaws. A year later, 196 prisoners were killed by staff, and 624 received serious injuries.

5. The Prison Of Gitarama

The Prison Of Gitarama

This prison complex consider this earthly hell. 500 places for criminals account for as much as 6 thousand prisoners. This prison provokes a real genocide of Rwanda. Due to lack of space most of the inmates is constantly on his feet, and this provokes the emergence of diseases of the feet. Go to the bathroom, too the prisoners in a standing position, then continue to reside in their own excrement, and this also contributes to infection. In the end, a very large number of prisoners amputated legs, but that hasn’t stopped the infection and they are infected again, and eventually die.

4. Prison complex, Santa

Tyuremnyi complex Santa

This French prison complex known rigid hierarchical relations among prisoners and the terrible conditions in this place. The weak are always in danger. Prisoners can go beyond your own cameras only 4 hours a day. This prison is considered one of the worst.

3. The Prison Of Diyarbakir

The Prison Of Diyarbakir

This Turkish prison know by providing unrealistically cruel living conditions for prisoners and due to the fact that it contained children who had previously been sentenced to life in content in places of detention. In 1996, a group of prison guards killed 10 people, and 23 offenders in the aftermath of the conflict were seriously injured. Prison complex is considered to be one of the worst due to the brutal attitude of staff towards prisoners.

2. Prison complex Tadmor

Tyuremnyi complex Tadmor

This prison is located in Syria. Everything here contributes to the transformation of the measured life of a prisoner in hell. In 1980 it tried to assassinate Syrian President Hafez al-Assad. He then ordered the soldiers to the prison to execute every prisoner who gets on the road, so that other learned my lesson and never to do such a thing. In 2001, the prison ceased to exist, but exactly 10 years later it was reopened as a correctional facility, still with those horrible living conditions.

1. Prison carandirú complex

Tyuremnyi complex Carandirú

This is probably the most violent prison complex in the world. In addition to abuse on the part of employees, the level of HIV-infected rolls for every 5 male infected with a virus. In 1992, it killed over a hundred people as a result of the conflict between prisoners and staff. The most terrible place in the world of the prison made inhuman prison conditions and ill-treatment to the criminals.

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