10 dangerous things that lurk in every home

The house can be not only a fortress where the person regains strength, but also a place that poses a serious health hazard.

That can be a problem and where we get into trouble?

Bedding can contain dust mites

1. Bed linen

Suddenly, however, in bed we spend around eight hours daily.

Linen and furniture is a habitat of dust mites. Power man gives them his own skin, and to pay for such a neighborhood could, at least, an Allergy.

Therefore, it is important to ventilate the room to sleep, do not let the air stagnate. No harm will shake and hang out in the sun linen after each use, at least in the warm season.

Ideally, linen should be changed weekly. Regularly ventilate blankets, vacuuming the mattress and dusting parts of the bed or sofa.

2. Bathroom

Here, constant humidity, high temperature during water treatment is just a perfect place for living microbial colonies.

To save from the spread of the mildew can only be regular care for the bathroom walls, including using detergents. Do not leave puddles on the floor ventilate the room, do not let appear the fungus to overcome it then it will be much harder.

How to care for the house

3. Mold

It may occur not only in the bathroom but in any room where the damp, and you cannot maintain normal thermal balance.

Household mold is a serious health threat. Breathing pores, of the people «awards» various skin diseases, diseases of the lungs and bronchial tubes, allergies and other serious ailments.

So as soon as this problem arose, it must be solved immediately. Main thing is to establish in the room of normal ventilation, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

4. Tap water

You can’t always trust its quality. Better to protect yourself and your household by installing additional filter or treatment system.

Water from the tap

5. Household chemicals

Of course, the times when people used to wash clothes, wash utensils and other household Affairs only natural «helpers» such as ash or sand, sunk into oblivion. Much faster and more efficiently you can deal with the cleaning by chemical means. But are they safe?

First and foremost, this applies to sprays – air fresheners. Think about whether so you need this tool in your home? Active substance penetrates into the lungs of both humans and animals, irritating the bronchi, causing cough, Allergy, and in sensitive people and asthma.

Another issue – storage of household chemicals. To avoid trouble, you need to make them inaccessible to children (think about Pets, they also have nothing to try to «taste» these tools).

Household chemicals


6. Plants

In addition to the high humidity in the apartment, which you will get due to the beloved ficus, or dieffenbachia, is to know in advance whether the chosen plant is poisonous. The danger may be as the leaves and flowers. Special attention to the study of the properties of a given plant should be paid to the growers, who have children.

7. Pets

Rather, they heal and restore the spiritual realm and the physical. But can cause owners trouble, for example, if a person is allergic to wool.

For pregnant women (deprived of last of communication with these animals) danger cats because of the threat of toxoplasmosis.

Threat and parasites living on the body of the pet. So, before you have a pet, you should consider all the nuances associated with caring for animals.

Pets can spread the infection.

8. Kitchen appliances

The slow cooker makes life much, and the coffee machine makes it even and pleasant, but it is worth remembering that all these kitchen gadgets that require regular cleaning and care.

Cleaning the refrigerator, stove, toaster – necessary routine, saves from unnecessary contact with germs.

9. Heaters, batteries, air vents

They can be a source of headache not only metaphorically, but literally. And clean them from the dirt hard, and health problems they can cause: «reward» headache, dry skin and mucous membranes.

Output is to wash the air vents, filters, air conditioners, hoods, accumulated in them to prevent the dust in the air breathed by family members.

Heaters should be adjusted so that the air does not dry up. Or Supplement such a device is a humidifier.

The heaters in the house.

10. Upholstered furniture

It’s nice to sink into a comfortable chair or stretch out on the couch. But this furniture is an ideal home for dust mites, moreover, quickly become contaminated, it collected deposits of dead skin cells, hair and other dangerous garbage.

Upholstered furniture must, at least, regularly vacuum, but it is advisable not to save on health and give the sofas and chairs in the hands of experts – offers professional cleaning.

In principle, any problem can be overcome, if not to neglect elementary rules of care for your beloved home and do it regularly.

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