Youth as an advantage in the online space: young and ambitious start and win

Youth as an advantage in the Internet space for young and ambitious start and win

The Internet has entered our life and changed it, adding new ways of communicating and sharing information and new opportunities. The last decade, in addition to the widespread diffusion of the Internet, distinguished by an interesting trend: the professionals is rapidly getting younger. And magic or «the curious case of Benjamin Button» here and. Just new technologies and modern information space represent young huge scope for learning and building a successful career.

If early to 22 years, young people just graduated from University and started work in the specialty, today in this age to some, using new technology, have already become millionaires! There are many examples: mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook as a student, David Karp, at the age of 19 has created a Tumblr, Blake Aaron Ross, who at the age of 19 participated in the development of Mozilla Firefox…

Youth as an advantage in the Internet space for young and ambitious start and win

In Russia, examples are also quite – Pavel Durov ( Vkontakte appeared when he was 22 ), Andrey Ternovskiy, the author Chatroullete, which at the time of launch of this world-famous service was 17 years old, Anton Volodkin ( an aggregator of music blogs, invented at the age of 17, now – partner SoundCloud with millions of viewers ).

The trend is noticeable in the business: groups of energetic young people is not restricted to developed over decades of work stereotypes and perceptions, achieve sometimes more than other market participants. Thus, the Moscow manufacturer of corporate media Rivelli Groups for the first time in the history of Russian industry won a Gold Dolphin at the prestigious profile in competition in Cannes just two years after its founding! This is despite the fact that in Russia there is, for example, Mercator with twenty years of experience.

And to call this success is accidental not dare: despite the youth of the brand, Rivelli Groups can boast an impressive portfolios ( in number of customers – VTB, Gazprom ) and seek to contribute to the theorist of corporate media. They have already released the first book about video production.

The youth starts and wins, changing the world, feel free to enter a new page in history. It will be even more interesting!

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