You can use laminate in the kitchen?

You can use laminate in the kitchen?

Many people are interested in the question of whether to use as a floor covering laminate flooring in the kitchen or is it better to trust has long been well-tried materials such as linoleum or tile. This issue occurs because the kitchen is quite specific. Therefore, the floor must have some properties, it is necessary in the kitchen. It must be primarily water-resistant and water-resistant.

Since the laminate in its structure contains a wood raw material capable of wetting and swelling, not all floors are suitable for laying in the kitchen. For rooms with high humidity, you should choose water-resistant laminate, such as here my-floor/laminat/naznachenie/vodostoykiy. Also, the coating must be durable and sturdy, should be resistant to various kinds of damage (not to crack, not scratch). It is also important to ease of care and aesthetics of flooring.

Laminate consists of several layers: the main part is wood chips, it is responsible for the strength of the coating; on both sides it is covered with laminated boards laminated paper, specially treated. Under the top layer of melamine resin is the layer of paper that is responsible for the decorative appearance of the laminate coating.

The laminate can be decorated under the tree or to create the illusion of a stone floor. Mainly because of its appearance and relatively inexpensive the cost of it, and is so popular. But still the main criterion when choosing it for the kitchen, is water resistance.

Manufacturers offer different types of laminate coating, in particular, there are specially designed for rooms with high humidity. According to the degree of water resistance of the laminate is: standard – able to withstand water up to 3 hours, thus it will not swell and it will not lead; moisture resistant – the most common type of cuisine that is resistant to water up to 6 hours; water resistant – it is water is not terrible, in fact it is plastic. This type of laminate is allowed to use in the bathroom and in the kitchen, and in heated rooms.

Of course, these types of laminates are slightly more expensive than standard, but you get a high quality cover that will last you for years. If you are still in doubt in purchasing laminate for the kitchen, there is an alternative solution. It lay only in the dining area, where it will delight the eye, and in the work area place the tiles or linoleum. This will provide you with tranquility and beauty.

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