Wrought iron railings for stairs

Wrought iron railings for stairs

A special place among the wide variety of forged masterpieces is stair railings. They are aesthetically pleasing look inside and out of the room. Such railings can be issued not only stairs or ladders, and balcony, veranda, and even access to the roof. Wrought iron railings are increasingly popular because they can transform the look of even an ordinary standard house and make it original.

In a flexible, plastic and solid metal can be effectively embody all: the ease and freedom of lines, countless patterns, natural motifs and delicate ornaments.

The practicality of forged products

Despite the apparent ease and lightness, wrought-iron railings for stairs , high durability and reliability. They are not just beautiful, they are also very high quality.

Forging is not afraid of temperature changes, it is not affected by moisture and will not rust.

Installing wrought iron railings, a few decades not even think about their restoration and, especially, replacement. Enough basic periodic painting a special dye composition.

Color wrought iron stair case can be chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the interior, it can be anything: black, white, beige. You can use a special composition of «silver» and «gold glimmers, and the railing can be artificially aged. It all depends on design ideas.

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You can highlight the main advantages of wrought iron railings for stairs:

  • Durability.
  • Safety and environmental friendliness.
  • The ability to process metal in various ways (cold forging machine, hot forging manual).
  • The realization of any design ideas.

Undeniable advantages of these railings explain their relevance and popularity. The cost of these products is quite high, but durability fully justifies all the effort.

Features of installation of wrought iron railings

Installing wrought iron railings is not an easy process. It is characterized some of the nuances that must be taken into consideration:

  • Installation of fencing – a fairly messy process, so to implement it you need before you begin decorating.
  • Attachment of the railing is a «step» and «side (end)». The second option mounting steps remain solid.
  • Handrails should be securely fixed. You can further attach them to the wall with the bracket – it will add reliability and will not spoil the attractive appearance.
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