Wooden houses made of logs, reliable and comfortable type of the property

Wooden houses made of logs , all evoke pleasant associations of comfort and security. A house made of wood will bring its residents the joy of living in it and will require little care in return.

Wooden houses and their characteristics

The use of wood in the modern world is becoming professional and quality approach when housing is not just environmentally friendly and warm, but also meets all the necessary requirements of reliable operation. Thanks to the continuous development and introduction of new technologies, there were houses from profiled timber of technical characteristics which again increased people’s interest in construction of wooden houses.

Projects of wooden houses of timber are becoming more interesting and are two times cheaper than concrete structures. House of wood weighs several times less than concrete or brick, so the requirements to soil conditions are not severe, which significantly reduces construction time. Where the construction of the tree does not meet any obstacles, a concrete house can settle down and go under the ground if the Foundation is not fortified.

Wooden houses need to be insulated and the concrete Foundation, so the first main rule before the laying of the Foundation, it is the study of soil and groundwater at the site, if water is close, the Foundation should be done above.Also, for the Foundation of houses of timber can be used the Foundation on screw piles bayo-s/EN/hobby/home.

The thickness of the walls in wooden houses starts from 240 mm to the house was a warm winter. In the coldest regions, such as Siberia, the thickness of the logs might be a little bigger, but still smaller than the thickness of the concrete walls.

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