Wooden benches in the landscape design

Wooden benches in the landscape design

The owners of country houses as worried about the practical application of their areas, and about their appearance. The desire to make your garden unlike many other clear and natural, but in terms of developing a landscape design harder to follow the new trends and features.

Wooden benches combine aesthetic properties and actual benefit — without them can not do any garden. Benches you can buy or make yourself using as a material plastic, metal or wood.

The use of benches in different styles

Wooden benches or benches are used in rural style. If you take the garden benches directory which can total hundreds of options, you can choose the perfect option for your garden. Products of simple shape and small size make the garden area is cozy, and the wood will give the territory naturalness. This bench can be placed in a secluded area surrounded by trees and at the entrance to the house.

A traditional benchmade from wooden bars — inexpensive and most common type. Paint this bench in bright color, the owner will get element of the country style that suits garden plots no less than their rural counterparts.

The original idea of wooden benches

Improvised seat you can create flower beds: it is enough to hammer into the ground four bars, put on top of the Board and hide the gaps with boards of smaller size.

If you have experience, master work with wood can make for your garden bench, suitable for placement around the tree. This option will please the owner as the original form, and the opportunity to relax in the shade of the branches.

Know how to carve wood sculptures can decorate even the most simple and, at first glance, the nondescript shop. In the absence of specific skills, people can still make for yourself a wooden bench. Perhaps it will be an excessive refinement, but will become a reason for pride.

Having at hand the necessary materials and tools, the owner of the house easily create your own bench.

Caring for the wood

Unlike plastic and metal, wood — material, taken from nature itself, and it needs proper care. Special antiseptics to protect the series against environmental influences, and impregnation can give the product a different hue.

If you do not forget to take the time to care for a wooden bench, they will serve its owner for many years, decorating a garden plot.

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