Wood paneling — types and advantages

Wood paneling - types and benefits

The lining is a thin planed Board, which is used for decoration. His «train» a name it owes wooden rails, which in former times was trimmed with transport wagons. Today those rails remained only one name, but the appearance of the lining, with the latest technology, has undergone significant changes. So, in recent years a great popularity on the market of finishing materials uses wood paneling or lining, which is a high quality wooden Boardmanufactured according to strict European standards.

What is clapboard?

The most widely used material for the manufacture of the liningare conifers. This wood, in addition to the unique structure of the resin impregnation, which gives the lining a great protective properties and makes her perfect veneer for both exterior and for interior works. Well, for decorative plating surface, it is best to use expensive varieties of trees, such as oak, alder or lime.

Molded, depending on the type of wood is divided into four classes.

  • the lining of class «C» refers to the lowest grade and is used for cladding farm buildings, as has the structure of cracks, knots and indentations;
  • class «B» rails are almost no cracks, but has knots and small holes;
  • material class «A» allows for a small number of non-through cracks, resin pockets and not more than one bitch at a 150 cm Board;
  • the most perfect and has no defects is the lining of «Extra» class.

How to make battens of wood?

The manufacture of other products of wood is a complex high-tech process that must be performed in strict accordance with established standards. This process includes the following steps:

  • cut the woods into planks of the required size;
  • industrial drying of wooden pieces, including disinfection;
  • grinding and cutting boards for modern industrial equipment;
  • sorting and packing of the lining in accordance with the quality criteria.

However, in the production process, each manufacturer can set their own sorting rules of their products.

What are the benefits of wooden siding?

Lining, compared with other decorative materials, has a number of advantages such as environmental friendliness, durability, soundproofing and efficiency.

It is also worth remembering that the lining relates to combustible materials, so before using it should be treated with fire-prevention impregnation. Well, in order that wood paneling is not darkened from mold, before facing her should be covered with special antibacterial agents.

The lining is easy enough to install and does not require special care. However, to maintain a presentable appearance and preservation of the protective properties it is necessary at least once in three years be treated with antiseptics and varnishes. Thanks to the proper care of the room, lined with clapboard, will be a long time to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and constantly smelling the natural aroma of wood.

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