Womens summer shoes — 9 fashion trends 2014

Womens summer shoes - 9 fashion trends 2014

Women’s summer shoes is constantly changing and to be in trend with the girls sometimes it becomes very difficult. In this article you will find 9 fashion trends summer 2014 women shoes .

Flip flops heels

This summer fashion flip flops with a heel. This Shoe is more like a symbiosis of flip flops and clogs. In contrast to the previously common rubber and plastic flip-flops, this is mostly leather shoes, such as ydg-bellini. The presence of webs between the toes and the high heel made the podiatrists warn the fashionistas from her wearing.

Beveled heel

The fashion for retro in recent years suggests about the limited imagination of contemporary designers. So it became the beveled heel. Fashionable women shoes with a beveled heel offers impeccable service and all the colors of the different materials. Most often, this heel can be found in Shoe type clogs.

Platform and heel

Women’s footwear, unlike men, don’t always have to be comfortable. That’s what platform shoes and high heels. Grotesque and sometimes ridiculous, these shoes still find their admirers among the stunted girls.

Men’s style

Strange shoes in the spirit of mods today put on their feet a modern girl. The rage for this model are considered material in gold, bronze and metal. Low heel and comfortable shoes is certainly convenient, but it looks like for me, not really.

Women’s sports shoes

Sports style is first of all comfortable ladies shoes. Fashionista decided that the sports shoes for its convenience deserve to be fashionable and began to mold her rhinestones, decorated with inscriptions and patterns. Today the assortment of leather shoes in sport style have grown to the point that the diversity is even possible to find the shoes for going to the restaurant.

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