Women’s fashion accessories — Essentials for a wardrobe

Women's fashion accessories - Essentials for a wardrobe

Women’s fashion accessories is a necessary and often favorite female soul tiny things. Even if the closet is huge, he is never going to be perfect if it lacks a stylish decoration. With their help you can easily give a special elegance to even the most simple along or completely ruin the most expensive and luxurious. Skillfully selected beautiful women’s accessories emphasize the advantages of appearance and style. At the same time, that’s the wrong choice can make your look vulgar and tasteless.

The correct choice of these useful things will depend on the integrity of your image and how you perceive your appearance by others. By following these simple rules, you will avoid blunders that can occur when the wrong selection of accessories.

How to combine women’s accessories?

The first rule

Accessories have no right to look cheaper than your clothes. Here the principle is quite simple, the most expensive and beautiful accessories add charm to the outfits, but cheap and simple-minded also can ruin any suit.

Closet stylish and beautiful women does not have to occupy an entire room, if a girl can change clothes a hundred times a day and never wear the same thing, it doesn’t mean that she always looks interesting and stylish. No matter how many closets you have, you just need to be able to use them properly, choosing the advantageous options, showing your taste. Women’s stylish accessories in the skillful hands allow each day to look stunning, showing off your taste, style and charm.

The second rule

Do not just hang yourself on all the available jewelry and jewelry, you are forty and not a clown. In this respect, the quantity does not equal quality. Excessive abuse of the ornaments will go on your look only harm, making it vulgar and ridiculous.

How to combine accessories and clothes?

Now let’s look at an equally interesting question: what still to wear?


In fact, it should be in harmony with the whole image at once and to be chosen to match the color of the clothes is a sign of perfect style. But we know that fail to follow this rule every day, because we have a limited amount of shoes and not store. But out there, choose matching shoes and accessories, for example, to the bag or to the belt or to gloves, or to all listed simultaneously. It will look stylish and tasteful.


Optionally select it exclusively to shoes, you can pick up the image so that the skirt combined with the blouse and the shoes with the skirt. If your looks are contrasting colors better to make the bag lighter than shoes. Also do not rule out variation, when the bag is chosen according to the contrast to suit.


There’s nothing to think, they must be combined with shoes. Or if you do in the way of any bright accent, for example, red lipstick, red scarf, gloves you can pick them color.


Their selection depends on the time and scheduled events. Just keep everything combined. As a trivial example, gold long earrings would be inappropriate with a sports suit, but it is ideal for an evening look. Monochromatic suits don’t be afraid to dilute a few ornaments, for example, large earrings, necklace, bracelet. But remember, with vivid imagery, on the contrary, it is impossible to overdo it, limit the size and number.


Women’s wrist watch is suitable for business, sports, street image, but not for evening toilet. Don’t make this mistake.


A scarf is a fashion accessory, the main thing that it was in harmony with not only the color but also the material.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Choose your way, find your style, develop your taste. We wish you to be beautiful in any costume!

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