Wiring accessories Werkel.

Wiring accessories Werkel.

Werkel is a popular brand producing wiring products. Werkel firm was founded in Sweden in 2009 and has already established itself as the best maker of electrical products. Wiring accessories Werkel has good quality, wide range and unique design. Products «Vercelli» there is a huge demand in the Nordic countries, which also confirms the reliability of the product.

What makes a company Werkel?

In Russia Werkel appeared not so long ago, but failed to win the confidence of the Russians. Quality products at reasonable prices will not leave anyone indifferent. It is also important that all products have unique design, in which producers pay a lot of attention.

Werkel boasts of operating time is more than two hundred thousand cycles. This fact indicates the high performance of the products. Our firm Werkel in Russia is the official representative and we will be happy to give you the opportunity to purchase electroproduction good quality at a reasonable cost.

The main advantages of the products «Vercelli»:

  • mechanisms of outlets have a grounding contact;
  • the parts that conduct electricity, are made from phosphor bronze. This bronze has great conducting and does not allow the actuators to be heated;
  • all mechanisms shows a connection diagram;
  • fixed caliper, made of stainless steel, during use and Assembly work does not change its shape;
  • housing arrangements made of fireproof plastic material, retains shape stability and a fortress;
  • terminals samosejka, provide the speed and accuracy of connecting wires with a diameter of two and one-half millimeters;
  • grooves for fine adjustment mechanisms in the escutcheon allows you to quickly perform the installation of mechanisms in multioperator framework;
  • clip of «easy-Click» helps with amazing speed and ease to seal the scope and mechanisms of different series.

The Assembly procedure is very simple:

  1. Set the escutcheon;
  2. Fixed electrical systems in the escutcheon;
  3. Set the frame latch;
  4. Inserted key mechanism.

Additional advantages:

  • in the manufacture of products laid a margin of safety, allowing the smooth electric mechanisms to operate when sudden changes in voltage;
  • contact pad made of silver, able to prevent burning of the switch contacts;
  • three options of installation: to the surface with screws for escutcheon screws; anchor mechanism.

The entire range of the company Berkel, which is presented on the website werkel-kupit/, has the highest Swedish quality. The production uses innovative technologies that guarantee stable operation of electrical devices over many years of use and an impeccable and elegant design is able to surprise many.

Choosing the range of products Werkel, you will receive:

  • delivery in the shortest possible time;
  • factory warranty;
  • proper consultation.

Werkel – electrical products of new generation.

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