Why efficiently and inexpensively build a house

Why efficiently and inexpensively build a house

The construction of houses for individual orders is becoming more popular. Many natural question arises: «what to build a house cheaply and efficiently?» There are many options of material selection. But not all of them are suitable for the Russian climate is truly budget.

Factors influencing the choice

The material that will be used in the construction of buildings shall conform to the characteristics of the soil and climate of the area, otherwise the durability of the house is markedly reduced. In addition, each material has its positive and negative qualities.

Brick house

One of the most popular materials is brick. Houses made from it, strong and durable. Bricks, unlike wood, does not rot. But the building is built from it needs a strong Foundation and high-quality insulation, because the material has a high thermal conductivity. Also, such a structure cannot be called budget, cost almost twice the cost of the construction of a frame house.

Concrete wire mesh

Gas and foam blocks have a number of positive qualities: the absence of decay, small thermal conductivity, lightweight Foundation. However, these materials has its disadvantages. So, they require high-quality waterproofing, complex finish, the floors will be limited, and the cost of almost one and a half times more expensive than the construction of frame houses.


Frame house

Perhaps the most versatile material is wood frame. The whole principle of the construction is that used the already finished wall panels. They are created at industrial enterprises, therefore, durable and affordable. Order a fine frame house in the construction company «SK-House» (ck-dom). The firm has extensive experience in the construction of the building and will conduct the whole cycle of works. The company design Bureau and the manufacturing base.

Cheap frame house has a number of advantages over stone, penobloki and made from whole logs:

  • Low cost material.
  • The possibility of building on the basis of any type and on weak foundations.
  • Low cost of heating, because of the qualities of wood.
  • The ability to implement design ideas that are unavailable in houses made of logs.
  • Non-flammable types of insulation reduce the fire hazard.
  • The house can be rebuild or to build, using the new wall panels or old.
  • The construction of the building in the shortest possible time.

The company SK-the House will hold the calculation of a frame house and will bring long-lasting structure, which will be nice and comfortable to live in.

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