Who to blame for my loneliness?

Who to blame for my loneliness?

Who to blame for my loneliness? Loneliness is a problem that concerns practically all people, regardless of gender, age and social status. But who is to blame alone? The answer to this question is quite simple.

Becoming a direct observer of the lives of others, you realize that many of them are very lonely. Complain to me not only women but also men. They can’t find their soul mate. I can even say, obsessed with personal happiness, but because I try to help everyone. Communicating with a person, you realize how great it is, but why he has no beloved half? For example, old-fashioned clothing not the hairstyle. But is it important? There are many articles on how the girl to marry womantouch/relations/ but for guys such councils is very small.

Consider this instance – the guy is 30 years old, drinking of alcoholic beverages only beer, is living space, great job with a great salary, but why he has no family?

Looking closely, I could see that I would be one of his girlfriends to him, to attach, which is also still on the shelf goes. Think dressed more fashionable it, the hair will adjust and you’re done! Only now, they need common interests, but what? If she’s interested in cosmetics, then it is unlikely this will be interesting. Then out comes by itself – our smaller brothers, cats, dogs… for Sure! Call him and say that he took his dog and walked toward me. On our way to meet a girl with a dog, praise his pet starts the conversation. And so begins the birth of a new love story.

However, a good idea? But in practice all turns out differently. The guy is not thrilled with dogs, but if a girl’s gonna have a pet, then most likely he will have to walk him.

Scroll to the option with cats, because they walk not necessary. But it turns out he cats still don’t like me anymore, like hanging out with them is not necessary, but they cry when they are hungry-it is terrible. Well, then, I propose to consider the option of people.

And then it turns out bad, because in his opinion, all people are lying, use it… It can not but cause concern.

That was then, and understand that to acquaint him with the girl was useless, the situation will not be the best, his cafe is not what we need, another candidate, in his opinion, underestimated him, and the third with the child. And the kids are worse than cats! And men need to be loved and appreciated, accepted him as he is, despite his flaws.

This behavior of my ward brings me to a funny and bizarre, because it seems that this man is nobody but myself likes. And therefore no one will like. We must learn to accept fate, or in his case, except hot water bottles in bed, no one will be able to warm. And in old age is not that a glass of water no one will be served, but the duck…

Elena Sergeevna

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