Who invented glass?

Who invented glass?

For a long time it was believed that the secret of glass accidentally discovered by Phoenician merchants — it was Pliny the Elder (23-79 years BC. e.) in the «Natural history». Once downloaded the different products ship from Sidon was caught in a violent storm, and his team thought it best to disembark. Somehow obsessives the fire, the sailors decided to cook dinner. But to dissolve under the big ship’s boiler fire had the pot on something to deliver, and on the sandy shore there was not a single stone. Then resourceful traders brought from the hold of the cargo — large units of baking soda and put on them the boiler.

After the storm abated, economical Phoenicians decided to return the cargo to the ship. To their surprise, they found in the fire pit strange pieces of unknown matter, which is, without doubt, was formed as a result of the action of fire on sand mixed with soda. Supposedly so mankind discovered the technology of smelting of glass and the composition of the batch and source of raw materials for its production.

In the XX century this beautiful story and decided to check it out. But enthusiasts who acted strictly according to the method described by Pliny the Elder, failed to obtain the glass . Temperature, which can give a fire, even if fanned by wind, was not sufficient for the fusion of soda and sand. To a high temperature only in the oven, so the palm in the invention of the glass likely belongs to an unknown assistant of the Egyptian Potter, which did not suffer excessive

accuracy in the work. It seems that he first dropped a jar of crude clay dough in happened to be under the feet of a mixture of sand and soda and then, having failed completely to get it out, put piece of pottery in a kiln. In the result, the pottery was covered with a thin crust of glass—glazing. Hence had to make only a half-step to the production of real glass.

according to the magazine «Around the world»

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