White teeth: how to do it at home

White teeth: how to do it at home

White teeth – widely expensive Hollywood stars that sparkling white smile is called «Hollywood». Most people smile rarely dazzling, and his teeth are snow-white color. Services for teeth whitening are very expensive, and not everyone can afford it, but having white teeth is everyone wants.

When using most of the tools can severely damaged tooth enamel. And teeth become very sensitive.

This article will help you choose a safe and cheap method of teeth whitening.

Soda has always been popular among Housewives, it’s the perfect tool for cleaning. She will clean and bleach not only a sink or dishes, but also our teeth. Soda does not damage the enamel and removes plaque and stains.

Soda can be used instead of toothpaste or mix with it. Just soda the teeth should be cleaned not more than once per week together with toothpaste is better to repeat this procedure two or three times a week. The first method is more efficient than the second, but will take more time. You can use it even if they were prosthetics cermet, or treat gums.

To whiten enamel is also useful Apple cider vinegar. The procedure can be uncomfortable because the vinegar taste. You need to pour a half Cup of vinegar and rinse your mouth, rinse it with water. Done this procedure once a week.

Pleasant and quite effective tool will serve as a regular strawberry. Malic acid contained in the berries, well cleans the stains from the enamel.

Twice a week half of the berries is rubbed on the gums and teeth, then you need to wait about five minutes and brush your teeth.

Another method of whitening – orange peel and Bay leaf. This is one of the cheapest options for whitening. You need to RUB a few pieces of leather in the mouth. Then the powder Bay leaf also be applied to the teeth and gums and leave for 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

All over the Internet have been a method of bleaching using the peel from a banana. The cheapest and harmless method and takes time quite a bit. A couple of times a week a small piece of peel (the inner side) to wipe the teeth for two to three minutes.

To enamel are not yellowing and stains, need to limit their consumption of soda, coffee and citrus. Enemy Hollywood smiles have always been alcohol and cigarettes. Also hurt the dental enamel of black tea, some medications and blueberries. Will not be more than once every six months to visit the dentist, he as a qualified specialist can give you a cheap method of teeth whitening.

The conclusion from the above we can understand that teeth can become white and without expensive tools and procedures.

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