White and healthy teeth — the pledge of health and beauty

White and healthy teeth - the pledge of health and beauty

White and healthy teeth – the pledge of health and beauty! Nowadays very few people can proudly say about the good condition of their teeth. Many have problems that need to be solved together with the dentist. Why do some teeth strong and healthy all my life, and other, almost from adolescence begin to count the losses. Why, therefore, monitor the condition of the teeth and do know quite a few.

Teeth cleaning – prevention is the most important

From an early age learned the truth about what teeth need regular cleaning. Although at this stage, people do not always understand what was going on. On the cavity of the tooth enamel there are numerous diverse bacteria. To get rid of them using toothpaste is imperative. But what exactly should be the toothpaste, I guess not many.

It is important to monitor the health of teeth since childhood. For this, you should regularly take the children to the dentist. Today, there are specialized children’s dental clinic such as here dynastystom.kiev/uslugi/, where doctors spetsializiruyutsya for children’s diseases. In these clinics know how to deal with the kids.

Choosing a cheap pasta person, not thinking about its composition. Most of these pastes are based on conventional Mel. And he in turn spoils the tooth enamel, erasing it. In addition, the need for the striping of toothpaste is as important as a good pasta. Teeth cleaning is from top to bottom, cleaning first the outer and then inner side.

Proper nutrition for healthy teeth

To teeth as long as possible remained a strong need to learn to eat right. We all know that sweets in excess is harmful. Can also be attributed to the teeth. Lovers of sweet is worth thinking about as the ideal for the teeth is a direct path to destructive tooth decay.

There are rules of power, which should not be forgotten. It is not necessary to chew sunflower seeds with their teeth, as they deteriorate. But vegetables like apples, carrots, beets, can maintain the state of the dental cavity in order. They put a strain on the jaw and clean it. Dairy products, greens and salad are included in the list of healthy foods for teeth.

Smoking – the enemy of the smile

It harms the teeth no less than sweets. It causes many dental problems. And the first is breath. The development of diseases of the gums, which become loose and fall out teeth. A high probability of developing cancer of the oral cavity. Spots and rocks, which are almost impossible to remove by simple cleaning.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Many women in this period arises the problem spoils the teeth. Many natural question arises. Why? There is a widespread belief that it is a lack of calcium in the body.

But in this period women are particularly actively supporting all sorts of vitamin complexes. But the fact that during pregnancy, when a woman’s body is weakened, the microorganisms of the dental cavity multiply is particularly active. The result of this activity is reflected on the teeth.

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